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Recruitment is now a Thumb Game. 
Hire and get hired on the tap of a button.
For busy entrepreneurs who are on the fly, EZJobs makes recruitment a Thumb Game. Let your thumb do the recruiting while drinking your favourite coffee, travelling in a metro and waiting at check-in counters. Yes, it’s as easy as it sounds.  
India is coming home. 
Not all candidates look for jobs actively.
But when a candidate is working away from their hometown, they always want to relocate back to their home, only if a matching job is available.
EZJobs keeps a track of all such candidates and notifies such candidates whenever
your job matches with their skill through our powerful AI engine.
The result: you get the best candidate for less money.
No English. No problem. Let live chat translation do it for you.
EZJobs has a powerful AI-enabled live chat translation engine that translates English to native languages and vice versa. 
Now you never need to worry about hiring local recruiters for local recruitment.
Boost recruiter productivity with multiple chat windows like in your favorite social media apps. 
An out-and-out computer feature, this ensures that you can chat with multiple candidates at the same time, with audio/video calls just a click away. 
Hire and onboard faster with multiple candidate chat windows.
Candidates from 71,000+ locations across India have access EZJobs to EZJobs. 
Post your job in not just one, but several cities at the same time. 
With EZJobs multi-city job postings, your job will be visible to candidates from several different locations.
Attract the ones who want to relocate to bigger cities as well as those who would like to go back to their hometowns.
Call interested candidates and do video interviews with them. 
EZJobs makes it impossible for you to leave the app, even if it is for calling candidates. 
Call online candidates from inside the app and interview them simultaneously.
If you are a recruiting manager looking for freshers or interns to fill your positions, the EZJobs Campus Recruiter is for you. 
It comes with an included Homecoming jobs feature that attracts talent from all over the country back to their hometowns.
The EZJobs Placement Assistant is the perfect tool for placement managers of colleges, institutions, consultancies, service agencies and nonprofit organizations. 
EZJobs Placement Assistant comes with built-in performance tracking dashboards and bulk candidate upload features. 
Chat with students and other placement assistants for smoother communications.
EZJobsPA for communities is a beautiful way of giving back to the underserved sections of our community. 
If you know students who are in need of internships, you could upload their profiles on EZPA so that other members of the community can view their profiles and offer them jobs. 
Giving back never felt this good. 

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India's Most Loved Recruitment Platform

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