It is difficult to tell the difference between a bad position and a bad career. If you are unhappy while working on something, it is not made for you, accept it. However, many times you might be not sure if you need a new job or a whole new career. Choosing a wrong career is definitely […]

We all have that person who always seems to be getting things done. Whether it’s a friend or a colleague, this guy just looks the part. This is a person whose work is always done before time. People often get jealous of him/her. S/he is the one who manages to finish hour-long tasks in 20 […]

Of all interview questions asked in the HR round, this is the trickiest one. ‘Where do you see yourself in five years from now?’ Smile gently if you agree. When the interviewer bombards you with this question, his/her main aim is to test your commitment for the job. This question is believed to be super […]

If you have been in the same job for quite some time now, it’s all too easy to assume that promotion will come along as a bonus for time served. But, getting a promotion takes more than just doing your job well. To move up the ladder to the next step of your career and […]

Everyone who ever held a job, at some time, has been through work-related stress. According to research, the percentage of people stressing because of work is only getting higher. Certain factors like low salaries, excessive workloads, lack of social support, etc. tend to go hand in hand with work related stress.  Unfortunately, work stress may […]

It is wise to not count on your chickens before they hatch. It is important to take a step back and evaluate what you got and what you did. Low salary appraisal can be a bummer. Most of the people get depressed by low salary increment. Employees across various industries have received, on average, a […]

If you are sending the same type of emails, or attending the same type of meetings, or inserting the same type of data in the same type of spreadsheet, we can understand you are fed up. It is easy to get into a rut of work. The longer you are doing the job, the greater […]

No wonder most people are frustrated in their careers. Why? Because they don’t choose a career they love. They stumble into a job after college and take whatever they can get their hands on. Only then, they follow the few paths available from the random job scenario. Trust us, there is a better way. If […]

Part-time jobs are definitely a great path to take, especially if you are just starting out your career. This experience allows for you to get a taste in the field that you which to pursue. Here are some great part-time job trends that might inspire you. These opportunities are not as binding as a full-time […]

No matter what your dream jobs these days are, most people have similar expectations of the job that you desire. The big offices, the cool colleagues and the chance to show off your mad skills are some things you watch on TV. Unless you are a high level manager, your 9 to 5 is not […]