Let Your Talent Shine

What is priority listing?

Priority listing is the easiest way to skyrocket your profile on the EZJobs app and be featured as a Top Talent in your area.

With Priority Listing, you get extra eyeballs from the employer community
who already have an eye out for the best talent.

Start now, shine always.

Why consider priority listing?

Here’s a few reasons why:

How It Work

Priority listing is only available to those candidates who
qualify with the following criteria:

Mandatory screening
by the EZJobs team

Resume and
video resume

90% profile
EZJobs completion

Do not worry if you don’t qualify any of the above.
Contact the EZJobs team now and we will have you set up in no time.

Features & Benefits

Priority listing is the one and only key you need to unlock a wealth of
opportunities as a candidate on India’s most-loved recruitment platform.
Here are the best of them

More visibility

Priority Listing helps you get on top of other candidates in the visibility ladder, getting your profile more eyeballs than ever

Greater reach

With Priority Listing for your profile, you can be seen not just by employers near you, but also by those in your preferred work locations

Higher resume circulation

Since a mandatory resume is required for Priority Listing, your profile will appear as the Top Talent whenever employers filter candidates with resumes

Top employers are looking for you 

Here’s the deal:

We do not make you a Top Talent in your area.

You are a top talent.

All we do is help you realize your potential and make sure that your profile reaches as many verified employers as possible.

We already trust you are the best. We just prove it to EZJobs employers with Priority Listing.

Direct support from EZJobs team

With Priority Listing, you will be entitled to receive a one-time direct support from the EZJobs team.
Additionally, you can email all your concerns at priority@ezjobs.io

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