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EZJobs Placement Assistant (EZPA) offers a structured way of managing your placement workflow. An automated and end-to-end placement suite, EZPA offers institutions/placement officers an intuitive and holistic mechanism to streamline student information and databases while automating manual and laborious tasks of tracking, automating campus interviews, invitation workflow of employers etc. The suite provides intelligent categorization of students based on their streams, subjects, special classes, and CGPA.

The EZPA is offered for free to all EZJobs Partner colleges for a limited time. Coupled with EZ Jobs, EZPA empowers both students and institutions to deal with the challenges of job-hunting and there by accelerating the placement rate.

EZJobs is technology’s answer to the ongoing crisis in a post-pandemic job market. EZPA makes placements hassle-free for institutions looking to give their students the best start in their careers.

Why Partner With Us

EZ PA has put in place a structured way of managing your placement workflow. And it starts right at the college/university. With EZPA, managing placements becomes easier than ever before.

EZJobs helps students from different backgrounds, colleges, institutions and universities connect with potential employers. Apart from your placement office help, EZ JOBS lets the students directly participate in the Job market.

EZ PA proposes a partnership with your institution to groom students even before they take their first interview, connect them to prospective employers, invite employers, track the placements, track interviews and facilitate campus interviews - both physical and online.

Besides improving the confidence and employability of students, EZJobs proposes to organize periodic seminars, workshops and webinars to further the skills of students. Besides, students of partner colleges shall be given preference when we organize job fairs in your city or nearest location

Partner colleges shall be given web access to manage their own students, track the number of searches in which their students were dicovered by employers, the total number of engagements between employers and your students. Finally, track their emploment using the same dashboard where you manage them.

EZJobs at a Glance

EZJobs is a free-to-use job portal that connects employers and candidates for local, part-time and seasonal employment. It is funded by Futran Solutions, Inc. USA. After extensive research and development on the job ecosystem in India, it has come up with a mobile-based application to democratize job opportunities among Indian graduates with different levels of skills across the board.

With a holistic and well-rounded approach to tackle the challenges in the existing job ecosystem, the EZJobs app helps students from different backgrounds, colleges, institutions and universities connect with potential employers. Along with direct searches by employers, EZJobs facilitates campus placements, job fairs and virtual job fairs to open new avenues of digital recruitment.

The EZJourney

Ever since the first online advertisement, EZJobs has been very well-received by the market. Since July 2019, the EZJobs ecosystem has over 800,000 users, among which 20,000 have registered as employers. Over 26000 jobs have been posted on the platform so far. EZJobs has over 5,10,000 employer invitations and 3,14,000 candidate applications so far. Close to 20,00,000 encrypted chat interactions have been recorded between employers and candidates. Cumulatively, the total engagements between employers and candidates are close to 30,00,000.

For institutions that agree to partner up with EZJobs, we shall create a free account on the EZPA suite where college authorities can upload the profiles of their students, manage placements, invite employers, track interviews and record placements.

In all, with tons of amazing benefits, EZJobs is your unpaid placement office.

And Here Comes The Interesting Part!

We are proposing to empower students with app-based services that will let students independently choose from a list of various jobs. The job search mechanism shall be predictive and embedded with state-of-the-art interfaces including AI-enabled matching.

In addition to the web-based services, EZJobs is also available as a mobile application with best-in-class features like multilingual texting, chat to apply (for jobs), audio/video calling, video resume, searching jobs in a particular location, apply for the most relevant jobs by using filters such as keyword match, preference, job type, shift timings, salary type and range.

Let's partner to give our students the bright future they deserve

We are giving more

A partnership with the EZJobs platform requires zero investment from your institution. Our experts shall provide zero-cost bi-lingual (English and local language) soft skill training to students

EZJobs will also provide institutions handy access to the largest database of blue-collar and white-collar employers

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EZJobs is a free-to-use hiring platform where local employers and local job seekers can meet, chat and work together.

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