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Not all candidates look for jobs actively.
But when a candidate is working away from their hometown, they always want to relocate back to their home, only if a matching job is available.

EZJobs keeps a track of all such candidates and notifies such candidates whenever
your job matches with their skill through our powerful AI engine.

The result: you get the best candidate for less money.

A story we all know

Lacs of migrant blue and grey collar workers have lost their jobs in the middle of the pandemic.
Many of them relocated back to their hometowns.
While several of these candidates have gone back to work, they dread another pandemic.
All of these candidates would happily go back to their hometown provided they get the jobs they want.
Leverage EZJobs to give jobs to the homecoming population and get the best candidates around you.

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want to attract talent from

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Attract talent back to their homes

Who wouldn’t like to work near their homes?

EZJobs has a mighty workforce from over 71K cities, towns and villages in India.

Many of these candidates have moved out of their homes for their first job. At the
slightest chance, they’ll come back to their hometowns.

Post a job on EZJobs to attract such talent, and lend a hand at uniting them with their families. A happy employee is more valuable than anything.

Bring India home with EZJobs!

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