Work for EZJobs

Where Work Meets Satisfaction

Working at EZJobs is the surest way to strike that perfect work-life balance that everyone talks about, but no one seems to find.

If you are one of those eager-beavers who are happy to learn, earn and have a good laugh at the odd joke, EZJobs is the place to be.

As a mobile-first tech startup disrupting the blue/grey collar job industry, we love people who have an entrepreneurial mindset, create stuff on the fly and resonate with the company’s vision. Our people love us back, too.

Where Perks Come EZ...

  • The Big Annual Outing

    No one enjoys 52 weeks of work. We all need that BIG DAY OFF once in a year. Besides all other privileges, EZJobs team members get a guaranteed annual outing at a resort of the team’s choosing.

  • Attractive Referral Bonus

    Talent fings talent - and a good team knows how to reward that. Every time you refer someone to the team and they complete a month of work, you receive a handsome reward added to your month’s pay!

  • Unlimited Ownership

    Like doing things differently? The EZJobs team has unlimited ownership over the work they do - you can be your boss as long as you are driving results, creating new records today and breaking them tomorrow.

  • It’s All Fun & Games

    The best way to work is to mix a little work in a lot of play. With tons of fun activities and games around the corner, you will pray the weekend never comes. The routine’s simple: work, play, repeat.

We, The People

We never cease to take pride in the people that make us. EZJobs is not just another app on the Store. It’s a bunch of people who have poured their blood and sweat into the making and sharing of this beautiful app. Here’s to the warriors of EZJobs: