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20+ Top Plumber Interview Questions and Answers to Surpass the Interview

plumber interview questions

A “plumber” repairs or fits the pipes apart from taking care of fittings and other water supply apparatus, sanitation, or heating systems. It’s about learning the best tools and trades, asking questions in an interview, and setting up your resume

Are you searching for a job? But need help getting the job with the required qualifications? Are you good at technical skills? Scroll down to check out the roles and responsibilities of a plumber and interview questions to ace. 

Role And Responsibilities of Plumber  

The main work of a plumber is testing plumbing systems for weaknesses and durability and repairing water supply and sanitation appliances. Cutting, assembling, and welding tubes, pipes, fittings, and other related fixtures is a part of their job. Installing sinks, toilets, and other related fixers. Plumbers repair pipes that supply water and gas for homes and businesses. The secret to a well-maintained and fully functioning home or business plumbing system is to keep up a few basic regular checks and best practices.  


  • Install pipes and tubes  
  • Pay attention to the wiring 
  • Troubleshoot
  • Repair or replace broken parts 
  • Repair various appliances  


  • Repair, install, and maintain all plumbing works.  
  • Understand the pipe layout installations to perform fixes faster and more effectively
  • Install, repair, and maintain liquid and gas heating systems such as ACa and radiators 
  • Carry out preventive maintenance tasks on all mechanical and plumbing equipment 

21 Plumber Interview Questions and Answers 

Technical round 1 Interview Questions 

1. What is meant by Pipe Dope?  

Ans. Pipe dope is a pipe joint used to create a watertight seal.  

2. What do you mean by FIC?  

Ans. Final Inspection Chamber.  

3. What is CFL?  

Ans. Concrete Floor Level.  

4. What is FFL?  

Ans. Finished Floor Level.  

5. How many types of water supply are there?  

Ans. The STP-Sewage treatment plant, Domestic water supply.  

6. What are the pipes used for water supply?  

Ans. PPR pipes for hot and cold water have a long life, and installation is easy. Copper in rare cases.  

7. How many inches is 1 meter?  

Ans. 39.3701 inches.

8. What are the home remedies to clear clogged drains?  

Ans. Home remedies to clear clogged drains include taking half a half cup of vinegar and a cup of baking soda and pouring them into the drain. Flush the drain with hot water after 15 minutes. 

9. How much do you rate your skills between 1 to 5 as a plumber?  

Ans. 4.7.  

10. How can you fix a leaky PVC water pipe?  

Ans. Drain the water and make the leakage pipe dry. Cut the coupling in half. Make sure that the half used should stop inside, as you must slide into the leakage pipe. Slather the patch with a strong adhesive, as the portion will connect with the leaking pipe. Place the patch onto the pipe, slide it into place, and keep it overnight to dry.  

11. What is the primary step to unclog a pipe blockage? 

Ans. The primary technique is to unclog the blockage by pouring hot water into pipes. If the blockage remains, then you need to use other options. 

12. What is referred to as building drainage? 

Ans. The lowest end point of a drainage system, where the drainage pipe is conveyed into the sewer, is called the building drain. 

13. List out the most common tools required for plumbing. 


  • Adjustable wrench 
  • Faucet valve seat wrench 
  • Faucet valve reseating tool 
  • Faucet packing and washers 
  • Tubing cutter
  • Teflon tape 
  • Cup plunger 
  • Flange plunger 
  • Closet Auger 
  • Sink Auger 

14. What skills should a plumber have? 


  • Problem-solving 
  • Critical thinking 
  • Listening and paying attention to instruction
  • Decision making 
  • Co-coordinating 
  • Technical knowledge related to pipe fitting 

15. What are all tools required to unclog a sink? 


  • Cup Plunger 
  • Duct tape or washcloth 
  • Sink Auger 
  • Channeled type pliers
  • Bucket 

16. What is an Angle Stop? 

Ans. The shutoff valve between the fixture and the water supply pipe is called an Angle stop. It stops water in case of failure, repair, or leakage. 

17. What causes sump pump failure? 

Ans. The sump pump failure may stop functioning due to excess debris, a switch problem, or accumulating and interfering with the switching. Additionally, the pump may shift position, get in the basin, and distort the switching mechanism. 

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Technical Round 2 Interview Questions 

18. What skills do you have to be an efficient plumber? 

Ans. Mention your skills and provide insight into your work ethic and approach to plumbing. Try to include a combination of technical skills and soft skills. 

19. Why do you want to be a plumber? 

Ans. Tell the interviewer about what interested you in choosing this career. Share your zeal and passion towards your work and what you like best about this career, sharing your goals for your career and things you follow for advancement. 

20. What safety measures do you take in the workplace? 

Ans. Mention your approach to preventing problems in the workplace. Explain or demonstrate your specific habits to protect yourself and fellow workers. 

21. What would you recommend to a customer looking for a clogged drain? 

Ans. Explain or demonstrate the hacks that you prefer to clear the clogged drain. Handle these situations carefully and avoid giving expert tricks. 


To be a successful plumber, one must have proper knowledge of plumbing. Should always be able to manage my time wisely. When it comes to estimates, be honest. Nevertheless, use only quality plumbing materials and master as many plumbing skills as possible.  

Words have unlimited power. They are the first tools in your kit when you want to attract people. And by words, the impact you make with your voice – the impression you leave lasts long.  

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