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Ten Exceptional Qualities Of An Excellent Team Player

Qualities of a Team Player

Getting along with your coworkers is the key to fitting into the office crowd. To really enjoy your work experience, you need to become an excellent team player. Every organization relies on good terms among employees. Effective teamwork drives the organization toward success. Have you worked in teams where everyone pitches in, and you all worked together in perfect harmony? You don’t want to be an outsider, right? Even after working hard, you may feel as if you are just not reaching your potential as a professional and wonder what the real issue is. 

Let Others Help You 

One of the biggest pitfalls many achieving professionals fall into is the need to have all the answers. If you can’t solve something, communicate! Ask your colleagues for help. Helping others is great. However, allowing others to help you is just as important. This helps in building great relationships at work. 

By opening up to your colleagues, you can be more approachable, more authentic and benefit from their wisdom. Even better, those who help you get a positive dose of Oxycontin that makes them feel great too. 

Listen Well 

One of the most important qualities of being an excellent team player is having patience. Sometimes, we focus too much on what actions we should take instead of how we make other people feel. Listening well is the prominent quality of being an excellent team player. 

A great gift we can give to other human beings is to truly heed to them. The best way to do this is to listen to them. If you listen well, the path to becoming a better coworker and team player reveals itself. 

Share Your Skills 

Nothing builds trust and connection like helping someone crawl out of a challenging situation. Especially, when it’s done without the expectations of repayment or owing someone a favor. 

You have strengths and skills that come naturally. Those skills are your gifts. Do not hesitate to share them with people around you. The work that takes five minutes for you to complete may save your coworker’s whole day effort. 

Spread Positivity 

Smile and watch the smiles multiply. Give energy instead of draining people’s energy. See the opportunity, not the problem. Look for what is right, not for what is wrong. Remember, positivity allows for creativity and innovation. 

Acknowledge people instead of gossiping about them. Focus on the positive sides of people’s attitude. Look how smart and enthusiastic they are while they work. Don’t focus on how lazy they get sometimes. Simply acknowledge that there are different kinds of people in the world and move forward. 

Be Flexible to Others’ Workstyles 

Don’t assume that people work and interact the way you do. The important thing that you do here is. Observe. Do they prefer emails over calls? Do they like to chit chat before meetings? 

If your answers are different, consider flexing to their work styles. You don’t notice but somewhere or the other, they also try and adjust for you. This works mutually and ends up creating a healthy bond. You will get done with your work in less time, and people will get more drawn to working with you. 

Don’t Stay In The Shadows 

You should not just sit quietly and get your work done. It’s a good thing to be involved in the team. As long as you are not bothering people with questions you should know the answer too. Great team players arrive at their ideas with clarity. 

Find The Human Inside 

Colleagues that like each other support each other more instead of just tolerating each other. Let’s be honest, nobody spends their full quota of nine hours working. You spend time with your colleagues having coffee breaks, conversing and having fun. 

Pay attention to what your colleagues tell you about their lives. These details are important and give you an insight into the human behind the job. You can then build conversations out of those snippets that show that you really listen to them. This helps build rapport and possibly even friendship. 

Never Play the Blame Game 

No good comes from throwing another coworker under the bus. If you are not able to change the dynamic, perhaps it wasn’t your place to comment. Games are fun, but a blame game never has a winner. 

In a team, some people will fail to live up to commitments. It happens to everybody. It is not appreciated to blame the whole loss upon the failed ones. Try encouraging them rather than draining them out even more. Being a contributing and positive member of a team means finding productive ways to handle those interactions. 

Be Reliable and Responsible 

An excellent team will be reliable and responsible. They complete their tasks in order of priority, not necessarily in the order that they are given. 

When you are not sure what should take priority, communicate with your manager and take notes from them. 

Focus On Collaboration, Not Just Cooperation 

Get into the habit of encouraging colleagues. Ask if they need any help at any point. Show your team spirit. Nail every opportunity as a team. 

Collaboration is significantly more powerful at generating positive results and outcomes than just cooperation. 

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