The first day at work often makes you both anxious and excited. Mostly, your co-workers judge you based on your initial impressions. Well, that’s good news for people who make a positive impression. But if you make a negative first impression, it could haunt you and your career for a long time.  Now that you […]

Strong interpersonal skills are an integral part of your professional toolbox. A person should not be only an employee, (s)he should also be a great communicator, too. An employee must be able to solve a problem effortlessly through interaction. You can improve interpersonal skills following these easy steps. It is important to develop interpersonal skills […]

Working while pursuing an education is a total drag. Doing part-time jobs while studying is more than just money. Students also learn time management skills among other things. But having a part-time job as a student is not easy. You have to commit yourself to a four-hour shift after attending eight hours of classes.  But […]

Have you ended up feeling all frozen up during an interview? Do you have no idea why you have been rejected? Did you realize where you went wrong? Or, have you ever come across a question which you were not sure of?  Learn these quick interview tricks and master any interview you face. An interview […]

Being called for a job interview is a major victory. Anybody who is hunting for a job knows that being shortlisted for an interview is not an easy draw. Being a job candidate is miles ahead of being just another job applicant. Here we are presenting 11 overlooked interview mistakes to avoid. Moreover, knowing what […]

Do you know how a cover letter is different from a resume? A resume is meant to show your academic record, skills, and strengths. A cover letter is intended to convey your personality. It shows your introduction and is the first thing that an employer reads before hiring you.  Writing a good cover letter is […]

Are you currently panicking to fill gaps in your resume? Maybe you’ve been out of work for a few months, or it’s time to apply for your first job. Either way, resume gaps are much more normal than you think. Everyone has been in the same position at one point in their life, because think […]

Facing an interview can be tough as it is. At that, things become doubly difficult if an interviewer is armed with a quiver of sharp and tricky interview questions. Most candidates tend to get worked up and babble nonsensical answers. That makes the interviewer succeed instantly and puts you right on the backfoot. More often […]

Isn’t it crazy that potential employers will judge you based on one sheet of paper? Well, they do, and a couple of resume masterstrokes or resume mistakes will make or break your career. If you’re wondering why a job application may not have received a follow-up, it’s likely owing to your resume. It’s normal to […]

You never get a second chance to make a first impression. ~ Andrew Grant Hunting for interview tips on the internet? Trust us, for a long time we were doing the same. Most articles advise you to be confident, dress formally, always wear a smile and what not. But it doesn’t matter how many times […]