Six Simple Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Resume Mistakes to Avoid

Isn’t it crazy that potential employers will judge you based on one sheet of paper? Well, they do, and a couple of resume masterstrokes or resume mistakes will make or break your career. If you’re wondering why a job application may not have received a follow-up, it’s likely owing to your resume. It’s normal to think “well maybe I’m not qualified”, but this is most likely not the case. 

Resume errors come in all forms, and the errors are not just limited to grammatical ones. It’s easy to lose sight of many aspects of your resume when you are heavily focusing on just one, but each area is equally important. Employers are paying attention to detail, so you should too. Just because you believe something lacks importance, an HR specialist will not. 

It may feel like it’s time-consuming, but in the end, it’s more time-consuming to have to apply for more jobs. So, the best approach is to spend the extra time upfront, which will benefit you in the future. 

Here are six common resume mistakes to avoid: 

Typos and Grammatical Errors 

Well, you’ve definitely heard this before, but proper grammar and spelling errors are the number one mistakes employers find on resumes. Even if it’s a mistake, think about it. Think back to group projects in college or even in high school, did you appreciate when your teammates made careless mistakes? The answer is probably no, and the same thing goes for employers. If you are unable to spell properly for your first impression, why would they want to hire you? Spelling and grammar are very simple errors to avoid, it just takes time to check. In fact, it may even require multiple checks, because everyone makes mistakes. The key here is to avoid these errors when it counts and fix them while you can. 

Highlight Accomplishments, Not Responsibilities 

Resumes serve as highlight reels for your accomplishments in the office. Obviously, you completed the responsibilities of your role, but were you successful? Your success in the completed tasks is what needs to be shown. Employers expect that all job responsibilities will be taken care of. So, brag about yourself; your resume is the place to gloat your success. 

Lack of Summary 

When creating the summary portion of your resume, vague and clichéd statements should be left off. Using words like “expert” or “accomplished” at the beginning of your summary loses employers. Rather than focusing on the broader aspects, highlight your capabilities, as well as the needs of the organization. From the get-go, your resume should be a 100% match for the job description. 

Excluding Crucial Information  

Every aspect of your resume should state as much information as needed. Excluding crucial details will not set you apart from other interviewees. Here’s an example: 

  1. Managed social media and marketing for X business 
  1. Managed all social media platforms for X business, oversaw content creation, and generated $100,000 in revenue 

Both statements describe one individual, but the exquisite detail is what employers are longing for. Your success is what they want to see. 

Too Busy 

Again, just like an academic paper, all fonts, sizes, and margins must match on your resume. The resume must be an easy read for the eyes. If the page screams ‘busy’ and ‘disorganized’, it might end up in the garbage. Ask yourself, “would I want to take the time to read this if it wasn’t mine?” So, pay extra attention to detail and make your page extra crispy. 

Incorrect Contact Information 

One of the most careless mistakes a job candidate will make is incorrect contact information. This could range from misspelled emails, mailing addresses, and wrong phone numbers. It wouldn’t benefit you if the job offer was sent to the wrong person. Careless mistakes on your resume can translate to careless mistakes in the workplace. Double and triple-check everything, it’s not a mistake that you should allow to happen! 

With these six simple steps followed, your resume will be ready in no time. All you have to do is put in some time, but don’t worry, even if you don’t think you have the time, you will thank yourself later. 

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