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Six Proven Ways To Keep You Charged Up During Remote Work

Keep You Charged Up During Remote Work

Remote work during the pandemic has sparked off a productivity contest of sorts between colleagues. At that, most companies are using performance monitoring software to make sure their employees are on the right track. While that has its own merits, unnecessary competition with colleagues can hurt employees. So much so that a slew of employees has cut down on their break times merely for one-upmanship.  

Yes, productivity during remote work is important. But you would want to steer clear of burning out while trying to up your graph. Here are some ways to keep yourself charged while making sure you do not lose productivity. 

1. Start your day with a workout 

The best way to keep feeling energetic through the day is to start it with some form of physical exercise. Now, there’s not one or two forms of exercise that you must believe in. You can take an approach that works well for your body. Make sure that you: 

  • Understand the limits of your body  
  • Don’t try advanced versions of a workout you haven’t done earlier 
  • Start working out under expert guidance 
  • Work out at the same time every day  

Apart from these, you need to attribute a sense of mission to your workouts. Make sure that you work out every day for at least 21 days. That’s about how long you need to convert it into a habit.  

Working out does not just improve your physical fitness, it also helps remove everyday work stress from your mind and body. 

2. Leave your seat every hour 

Long hours of sitting might not be the best way to spend your day, and it is definitely not the healthiest way. But thanks to the Pandemic 2020, that’s how most of our days look like. However, not many realize that constant hours of sitting at one place can induce severe boredom, productivity issues, and adversely affect your health, especially spinal form.  

The safe way to steer clear of trouble from sitting for long hours is to make sure that you take timely breaks.   

Get off your seat at least once every hour. It does not have to be a long break. All you need to do is take a little walk and create a little space for your bones and muscles to move. You can even set small alarm reminders to help you get off the seat once every hour.  

3. Stay hydrated 

You have a bullion email to send, a really long assessment report to complete, and some campaigns to run. All of that and you end up ignoring your body’s natural reminders to hydrate. This can result in several health issues along with low productivity.  

Hydration is important for several reasons: 

  • Reduces fatigue and increases productivity  
  • Prevents weight gain 
  • Flushes toxins out of the system 
  • Enhances skin texture  
  • Maintains pH balance of the body 

The good thing is if you are regular with your workouts, your metabolism will automatically send you strong signals of water deficit. This will result in more thirst, and as a result of that, improvement in hydration.  

4. Don’t take very long breaks 

The one mistake that most people end up making when trying to recharge between work is to miss work all together. As far as remote work goes, this is a capital crime. Just because there are no cameras around, you should not give up on your ethics.  

Besides the ethical argument, very long breaks are really bad for productivity. That’s because when you take a long break, you invariably end up doing things that are not directly related to your work.  

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Such activities make you lose your train of thought viz-a-viz work. When you come back to your seat, you take that much more time coming to grips with your work. Also, the obvious demerit is that sooner or later, your boss is going to find out that you have been misusing the remote work opportunity by staying out of work more often.  

5. Spread your workday across segments 

Instead of taking longer breaks, it is sensible to divide your work into smaller laps. For example, if your total working hours for the day is eight, you can break that down into four segments of two hours each with little breaks of 10 minutes between each segment. 

Segregating your workday will also help you do different types of work during different times of the day. For example, the most important types of work can happen during the earliest part of the day. This could be the time when you do not want to be disturbed by anyone.  

You can schedule your meetings toward the later part of the day. Of course, that should also sit well with the rest of your team. It is equally important that you align your priorities with those of your team.  

6. Participate in Activities 

Most companies would organize regular activity sessions for their employees in the pre-pandemic times. They’d average anywhere between one and two activities per week. During the lockdown, that number seems to have heavily dwindled down for most companies. There are still odd activities thrown in here and there.  

It is extremely important that you do not skip these activities whenever they happen. For all you know, a virtual activity can be just as fun as the real one. Also, these are pretty much the only times that you can see your entire office/team together at one place.  

Remember, it is of utmost importance that you keep the bond with your teammates intact. Office activities do just that for you. 

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