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15 Common Security Guard Interview Questions and Answers

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A security guard is a person who secures premises and personnel by patrolling the premise, monitoring the surveillance equipment and access points. Security guard jobs can be found in a huge range of industries, so it is important to highlight the type of role you are hoping to secure. From healthcare to retail to education, there are many different roles in security. In order to succeed in your search for a job, you should produce a list of requirements that you believe are essential. This can help you discover what factors you feel are most important in any potential job. For example, if you are applying for a Security guard jobs at a school, you may want to highlight the importance of effective communication skills, physical fitness, and the ability to work in a busy environment. When you have narrowed down what you feel should be on the list of requirements, you can begin to look at job listings to see what aspects of a role are being highlighted. This will help you identify what you feel is most important in a position. 

Being able to answer questions well during an interview is one of the most important skills you can have. Why? Because, as with many other situations in life, answering questions competently indicates that you are knowledgeable and confident enough to handle a situation or task. As such, the way you answer questions during an interview is just as important as the question itself. This blog will give you examples of thoughtful answers to common interview questions that can help you land your first Security guard jobs. 

Q1) Why do you want to change your job? 

Here, the interviewer wants to understand if you left the previous job on grounds of misconduct or agitation.  

Example Answer: “The reason for leaving the previous job was distance. I had to travel almost 30kms every day and hence I am looking for something close to my house and family.” 

Q2) How many years of experience do you have? 

The interviewer wants to understand your experience to know how trustworthy you would be with the property/premises.  

Example Answer: “I have an experience of 2+ years of experience as a security guard.” 

Q3) How many hours’ shift can you work? 

The intention of the interviewer is to understand your physical strength and your capability to do longer hours when need be.  

Example Answer: “I am aware that a security guard needs to be on his feet all through his shift and I am capable of doing that- be it during the day-time or the night.” 

Q4) How would you rate your physical fitness? 

The intention of the interviewer is to understand your physical fitness in case of emergencies.  

Example Answer: “I have a tall and long personality. I work out every day to keep myself fit and fine. I can stand for hours and run. I am physically fit and fine.”   

Q5) Would you be performing any other tasks other than securing the place? 

The intention of the interviewer here is to know if you would be willing to do any extra work that comes in during the hour of your shift.  

Example Answer: “Yes, I have assisted in various other works apart from that of security guard in times of need.” 

Q6) Are you okay for a police verification? 

Example Answer: “Yes. I am okay with police verification.” 

Q7) Why do you think you are fit to be a security guard? 

The interviewer wants to know if you find yourself fit to be a security guard and expects examples of your self-discipline and valour.  

Example Answer: “I have been trained in NCC and so I am punctual, brave, and self- disciplined. In my past workplaces, I have had to many times fight away mobs and take care of other difficulties. I stood out strong.” 

Q8) Do you have any experience with giving a first aid? 

Example Answer: “Yes, I can give first aid in need of emergency.” 

Q9) Do you have knowledge about electrical equipment management and operating a computer system? 

The intention of the interviewer is to understand the if you will be able to use the surveillance equipment and keep records.  

Example Answer: “Yes, I am aware of the basics and willing to learn if there is any advancement.” 

Q10) Are you friendly with staff? 

The interviewer wants to know your nature as a human being.  

Example Answer: “Yes, I am a friendly person, and it takes me not too long to make friends.” 

Q11) What industries have you worked with prior to this? 

Example Answer: “I have experience working in the education industry for one year and in an IT company for one year.” 

Q12) Do you have any health issues? 

Example Answer: “No, I am healthy.” 

Q13) Have you ever received any reward or recognition in your previous job? 

Example Answer: “I have not received any appreciation or reward, but my manager gifted a cycle on my son’s birthday. I will remember that forever.” 

Q14) Are you an active phone user? How did your phone help you in your job? 

Example Answer: “I am well-versed in usage of a mobile. I use it for emergencies. In my work-life, it was easier to communicate incoming of people with managers inside the office.” 

Q15) What languages do you speak? 

Example Answer: “I speak English, Hindi, Telugu and Marathi” 

If you are trying to find a job in security, it is important to be able to explain the appeal of the career to those hiring you. Why do you want to work as a security guard? What do you love about the job? What aspects of the job do you find particularly interesting? What aspects of the job do you think you would struggle with? These are all important questions you should be able to answer. In fact, you should be able to draft a short essay on what you love about working as a security guard. 

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