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Returning To Work: The Blue Collar Job Market

Returning To Work The Blue Collar Job Market

The year 2020 has caused interruption a big time! People’s personal as well as professional life has dramatically changed. While the trend of work from home became the new convention for the white-collar workers, the ones who suffered the worst hit were the blue-collar workers. Most of them lost their jobs. Those from rural towns working in metropolitans migrated home from fear of the virus. Altogether, causing a large-scale decline of blue-collar jobs.

During the initial two months of the lockdown, a high unemployment rate of 11.63% was recorded on June 14th by CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy). Around 10 lac blue-collar workers lost their jobs and an estimated total income loss of Rs 2,467 Crores has been reported by a blue-collar workforce management tech-firm.

The later part of the year has shown some visible developments. With the reopening of various sectors and unlocking processes, the CMIE stated there has been a decrease in the rate of unemployment. An unemployment rate of 6.11% was recorded on 18th October 2020. The recovery of the economy, healthcare, and logistic sectors are expected to outshine pre-covid levels. The migrant workers after returning to their work-life to sustain their livelihood also expect to work in a safe and stable environment. The clarity of a guaranteed income and healthcare insurance is a matter of priority in the minds of these workers.

Way to Recovery 

Vaccinations are on course, movie theatrestheaters have opened, people are going on vacations and partying again. With everything going back to its place, employers are calling employees back to the office. Estimation says nearly 73% of the blue-collar workers migrated to a different state in search of work. Cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Delhi have already witnessed signs of green shoots in the demand generation of jobs upon the return of migrant workers. 

E-commerce and logistics are the two prime growth drivers for blue-collar jobs in India. The most important online business tactic in today’s time is setting up a strong delivery channel. Since India is still an underserved market, it has seen only a steady rise in delivery workers’ demand over the past years. And it is highly expected to grow on further.

A Majority of people own a smartphone, thus online hiring has been on the surge for the past few years. Applications delivering AI-based technology to match skills and jobs are proving to be greatly convenient for both job seekers and employers. Web applications where it is easy to find jobs or hire candidates are becoming more and more popular. Also, special services such as resume writing services and video resume assistance help the workers to build up a perfect CV.

The demand for gig workers is already enough but it is expected to rise even further. Perhaps, the future of blue-collar work is likely to be dominated by gig economy jobs that will offer workers options to choose from based on their availability and skills. Corporates and independent employers are trying to optimize costs after the pandemic which has caused major losses. So at times like these, gig workers come in handy. In consideration of the new hiring patterns and employers’ projections, the gig economy is expected to prevail for a long time. It is also expected to lead to 80% of the overall job demand and the recovery rate will be faster in sectors dominating the gig work economy.

Top Blue-Collar Jobs in India

The world will always need blue-collar workers. Firefighters, truck drivers, machine handlers, construction workers, mechanics, and so on. And now, with various job portals available for people to apply, blue-collar jobs are in bloom! Here are some of the highest-paying blue-collar jobs in India.

1. Customer Care Executive/Telecalling

Customer care executive or tele-calling jobs no doubt is first on the list. Not for just finding a career, but they help in enhancing one’s communication skills, listening skills, and problem-solving skills.

2. Delivery

Today, online logistics and food services have developed so much that it has given rise to the growing need for delivery captains on a new level. Delivery is one of the best fields of work in the vocational sector which is also underrated. Be it full-time or part-time, freelancing or hourly, this job pays a good amount of money.

3. Cab Drivers

This is the best blue-collar job for those who love driving. All one needs is a driving license and a vehicle either own or on rent. Online cab applications such as Uber, Ola, Rapido are hugely popular paving the way for people to join in and start driving.

4. Field Sales Executive

For people having great communication skills and the skill to be able to convince others to buy a product, this is the job. One can earn a great deal of money in this field if one has the proper skill.

As more and more businesses are adopting technological solutions, the process of hiring has become much easier at present. The distributed workforce management systems are highly efficient. Also, employers make use of a flexible workforce to direct the fluctuating demands. Most importantly, employers who can provide a safer and more stable work environment will no doubt attract more returning crowds.

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