The things you just can’t pass up during this upcoming summer.  Let’s face it, out of the four seasons we have in a year, summer is the one we long for the most. The warm crisp air, lightning bugs, outdoor concerts, and endless ice cream, each summer is better than the one prior. This upcoming […]

The unbelievable stats that come with extensive social media usage, and the reason it’s so beneficial. Social Media platforms are amongst the most popular and consumed tools today. Have you ever wondered the crazy statistics that come along with our societies extreme media consumption? Here are some mind mind-blowing facts about social media: 1. Approximately […]

Why being rejected from a job is a blessing in disguise.  You just got rejected from your dream job, your devastated, and the world feels like it’s crashing in. But wait, why look at the situation with the glass half empty? There are always multiples approaches to a scenario, and each one will have a […]

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