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How to Retain Female Talent: The Complete Guide

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Having the right employees is vital to a company’s success. With the right people working together, companies can be more innovative and productive. However, this does not mean that every company will have an easy time attracting top talent. A majority of employees do not stay with their first job for long. They leave for various reasons, such as a change in personal circumstances or lack of opportunities elsewhere. For female employees in particular, another common reason is discrimination from male colleagues. Therefore, it is crucial to understand why they might leave and how you can prevent them from doing so in the future. This article discusses different ways you can retain female employees in your company and keep them happy and productive for the long term. 

  1. Provide a Career Path for Female Employees 

If your company currently has a higher proportion of female employees, this might help retain female employees. In general, female employees tend to benefit from employers who recognize the unique needs of female employees. A career path that focuses on these needs and addresses any issues that may arise can be the key to retaining a female employee. This path may take into account things like maternity leave, breastfeeding, and family-friendly workplace policies. Additionally, various benefits can also help retain female employees in your company, such as flexible work hours, on-site child care, parental leave, and more. All of these things make it easier for female employees to stay with your company since they need these things as part of their day-to-day lives. 

  1. Offer flexible working hours and location options 

Working hours can become problematic for female employees, especially after they start a family. To prevent them from leaving, you can make flexible working hours and flexible location options part of your employee retention strategy. This way, you can offer your female employees the option to work from home, change their schedules around to accommodate naps, or work fewer hours. When possible, have your employees work remotely or arrange their work schedules around their family’s needs, like child care or other commitments. If you also offer flexible location options, this can help female employees feel more comfortable. For example, you can let them work from home or a coworking space or dedicated office space for female employees. Both of these things can help female employees feel more comfortable and confident at work. This can help them to concentrate better, avoid distracted thinking, and also to avoid negative feelings like depression, anxiety, and so on. 

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  1. Broaden your employee’s career development opportunities 

Career development opportunities can help employees feel like they are being kept in the loop about their company’s future plans. To do this, you can create internal communications about future plans, such as the expansion of your business or what new technology you are investing in. These plans can also be accompanied by opportunities for your employees to get involved, such as by volunteering or receiving training. Communicating about your company’s future plans can also help female employees feel like they are being included in the company’s future. They can see what their role in the company’s success will be, and it can bring them greater sense of purpose in their work. It can also help them to see the difference they make, which can build confidence. 

  1. Be transparent about your company culture 

A significant number of female employees have experienced discrimination from male colleagues in the past. Before retaining them, you should be transparent about your company culture. For example, let them know whether they will experience discrimination while working at your company, or let them know what you can do to help them feel comfortable and safe. Transparency can also help female employees feel included and appreciated. For example, you can let them know what activities are happening in the company community. You can also let them know what kinds of events you are hosting so that they can participate if they want. 

According to a recent analysis from Bloomberg Economics, if India successfully closes the employment gap between men and women, a massive 58 per cent point could widen India’s gross domestic product (GDP) by close to a third by 2050— approximately USD 6 trillion. Closing the employment gap is the only way forward that can put India’s GDP in stride. Encouraging and welcoming women’s higher participation in the labour force is vital for inclusive growth. Women-centric and women-friendly work policies are the need of the hour.  

Retaining your existing employees is critical to your business. The retention of female employees is especially important for companies that have a higher percentage of female employees. This is because female employees tend to be more concerned about discrimination, pregnancy, and family-friendly policies compared to male employees. You can keep your existing female employees happy and productive by providing them with flexible working hours, flexible location options, career development opportunities, and transparency about your company culture. These things will make it easier for female employees to stay with your company and help them to feel included and safe. 

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