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How to Improve Your Next Cover Letter in 7 Easy Steps

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Do you know how a cover letter is different from a resume? A resume is meant to show your academic record, skills, and strengths. A cover letter is intended to convey your personality. It shows your introduction and is the first thing that an employer reads before hiring you.  

Writing a good cover letter is important. You might put all your effort into writing one and might not get recognized among the pool. To make your cover letter unique, putting down a memorable introduction is important. Also, it makes the hiring manager sit up and take note of your profile. 

Unlike a resume, there is no specific format to write a cover letter. But it should be specifically organized to highlight your qualities and experience. Make sure that the cover letter is put nicely together. A bad cover letter is the last thing you want to start your job hunt with.  

Here are 7 easy steps that will help you write your next cover letter. 

Plan the Content 

Without great content, your cover letter is useless. Try and make your cover letter distinctive by introducing yourself in a memorable way. Mention the kind of job or the position you are applying for. 

Highlight your skills and experience because it encourages recruiters to read your resume. Finish on a note that you are looking forward to a meeting. 

Select a Basic Font 

Imagine thousands of cover letters with a recruiter. He may easily overlook your letter if it is not clear or easy to read. 

Make sure to leave plenty of white space in the letter. Use a font size large enough to make for easy reading. Keep it as professional as possible and try to make it stand out. 

Let it be short and simple 

More often than not, a few paragraphs are enough. Your letter should never be longer than a single page. That’ll tire out the recruiters easily and leave you with a narrower chance make the cut.  Don’t rehash your resume in the form of words. 

You don’t want recruiters’ eyes to just glance over. If your letter is too long, use a smaller font and trim the sentences down. 

Highlight important attributes 

This is your pitch to personalize your letter. Do not repeat what’s in your resume. Instead, highlight the skills and information that would be beneficial for employers. 

It is not mandatory to submit your cover letter for a job interview. A cover letter always increases your chances of landing that right job. 

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Include contact information 

It is not necessary to include any personal information or salary requirements unless asked for. But mentioning follow-up information is essential. 

Always mention your name, email address and LinkedIn URL if you have any. These allow recruiters to get to know you and get in touch with you easily. 

Look over for typos and grammatical errors 

Do not just click and send your letter once done. Check for any grammatical mistakes before moving forward. 

Read it out more than once. Most probably, you might find some errors. Correct them to make sure that your letter is perfect. You can also use various tools to check for errors before sending them. 

Make sure the formatting is perfect 

One more thing to keep in mind before sending the letter is to send a copy to yourself first. 

Make sure that formatting is as you want it to be. Scan the letter for a final check and make sure it is perfect and ready to be sent out. 

Don’t leave your cover letter at risk. It is important to apply for as many jobs and internships as possible. It is equally important that your documents are well-written and maintained. Take time to write an effective cover letter  

Most importantly do not forget to check out the submission instructions. These are generally a part of the job description. They improve your employability right away. 

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