How To Hire The Best Fit For Marketing 

best fit for marketing

Are you keen on growing your business and creating a brand of your own? If yes, then you should become serious about marketing. Your company must look to hire a highly skilled and efficient marketing person.   

Marketing is that branch of the organization that serves as a medium between the business and the consumer. It allows businesses to market their products to the consumers or make consumers aware of the products available in the market. It also engages them and helps them make the right buying decision. From effective consumer engagement to building and maintaining reputation while maintaining a relationship between the consumer and the business, marketing takes care of boosting sales and making informed decisions.  

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How do the right strategies lead to growth? 

It is important to understand how a marketing strategy contributes to the success story of a business. The development of an effective business marketing strategy can boost a business’s growth and increase its consumer base. Among the different marketing strategies are promotions and advertising, establishing media relations, and others. Business owners should make sure customers know about their products and services, regardless of whether they are the best. Consumers are informed and aware as a result of this. In addition, marketing strategies assist in building a company’s reputation, which leads to increased consumer trust. 

For utilizing the essence of marketing, you need a person who understands the importance or marketing and uses the most relatable strategies for your business to make your brand stand out. Here are a few tips on how to hire a good marketer for your business: 

  1. List down the qualities needed: To find the right match for your marketing position opening, you need to first list down the qualities needed for a good marketer. Some of the qualities that a marketer possesses to stand out are: 
  • Having a desire to keep learning new marketing strategies 
  • Understanding the target audience and the competitors 
  • Excellent time management & work management skills.  
  • Creating memorable customer experiences 
  • Setting clear and actionable goals 
  • Being able to adapt to changing client needs 
  • Having good observational skills 
  1. Check for traditional and digital marketing knowledge: It is not surprising to see all businesses going online and digital today. To find the right marketing manager, you need to check the person’s knowledge on traditional as well as the modern ways of marketing as only the right mix of marketing and strategy could get the desired results.  
  1. Analyzing Capability: Working with data isn’t just about the numbers. A good marketer should know the process of data pulling, reporting, analyzing and attributing. One should also know how to produce valuable insights that can change the course of a project or strategy. 
  1. Understanding Consumers: A marketer is considered good and perfect for the role when he or she understands the likes and preferences of the target audience. This means, he should have the skills to analyze the set audience and communicate to understand what the demand is.  
  1. Studying the Competition: If one has the skill to identify the competition, he will also have an idea of what the competition is doing and what your business is doing. It will help him to come up with a strategy to take over the competition.  
  1. Having a sense of good strategies: Candidates should have a sense of good strategies for the growth of any business. The marketing team must have the ability to create different strategies at different period.  A company needs many strategies for the growth of the business and an expert marketer will give the right strategy whenever required. He should be ready with multiple business strategies. A good strategy will give impressive results. Good business strategies are an add-on skill to a marketer.   
  1. Running Campaigns: One of the most important skills a marketer should hold is the ability to run campaigns. One must run campaigns physically and virtually. These campaigns are run to spread the awareness of the business among the public and engage the audience.  
  1. Good Communication: Having effective communication skills is necessary for being called a good marketer. Lack of effective communication of the marketing manager shows a negative impact on the business. So, a marketer must have effective communication skills that includes having fluency and making things simple.  

Now that you know what to look for in a good marketer, you need to decide whether you want to hire an in- house marketing manager, a freelancer or outsource a complete marketing agency to take care of the marketing operations of your organization. Here comes the most important part of hiring a marketer. To hire a good marketer, we have gone through all the above steps. In the last phase, the company must test the shortlisted candidates to assess their skills. This will give a clear image of who is the best one amongst all the candidates. The candidates might not have all the skills listed above but it will give an idea as to who fits in the most.  

What is the average salary of a marketing manager? 

Having so many roles to play, a marketing manager really has to stand up to a lot of expectations in a company. To hire a good marketing manager, you need to pay the potential candidate according to the industry demands. Marketing Manager salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.4 Lakhs to ₹ 23.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 7.3 Lakhs. The following table shows the average salary of a marketing manager in various cities of India: 

City Average Salary (per year) 
Chennai ₹9,91,846 
Hyderabad ₹8,53,494 
Bangalore  ₹11,42,146 
Mumbai  ₹10,16,806 
Delhi ₹10,00,000 
Ahmedabad ₹8,19,355 
Jaipur ₹11,54,604 

Analyzing so many qualities, checking in with the industry standards, the hiring process and everything that comes with it is very tedious. To make things a little easier with the hiring process, many job portals are available. One such platform is our EZJobs that lets you write a comprehensive job description for you to hire a marketing person. EZJobs is a platform that connects the employee to the right employer. All you have to do is create a job post, write in a job description and wait for people to apply. You can interview via the video chat options in English or other 9 regional languages. Make your workplace a little more inclusive with options of hiring people with disability. Download the app and create your first job post.

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