How to Hire Tele Callers?

Hire Telecallers

Hiring a telecaller is one of the toughest parts of your job as an entrepreneur or small business owner. The telecallers you hire are not just doing what they are told but will be talking to them with a friendly and caring attitude. They should also understand the importance of your business and work hard. 

What Is The Role Of A Telecaller? (Telecaller Job Description) 

Employees like telecallers are supposed to explain the company’s product or services, take customer requirements, explain the solution by understanding their pain points first, and nurture them to push them further down the sales funnel. They often do this either via talking to them over the phone or via chat messages. Tele calling job profiles will include not only excellent listening and communication skills but also the ability to handle multitasking.  

Telecalling is an ancient art that has been applied to many industries. For example, a salesperson at a mall will initiate contact by asking you if you have found everything you need while remaining within “selling distance” – not making it obvious that he is trying to sell you something. Let us take look at some methods.  

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“We Are Hiring Telecallers” Methods Of Hiring Telecaller  

If you are desperate and have a deadline for hiring telecallers you can use any of the following methods to post the openings. Using tags like “female telecaller jobs near me” and “female telecaller required” will help you post the job according to your location. 

  • Newspaper classified ads   
  • Social media advertising 
  • Campus placements
  • Word of mouth 
  • Agency recruitment method 

1. Newspaper Classified Ads   

Newspaper classified is known as newspaper ads, these classifieds will help you to reach the right person and hire a telecaller by location. So, here are some steps to create a classified ad.  

Step 1: Firstly, select the newspaper and talk to the newspaper editor  

Step 2: Get ready with the creative classified ad   

Step 3: Complete the payment process to display the ad    

Step 4: Check your ad in tomorrow’s newspaper   

Step 5: You will receive calls and emails when the ad is displayed   

Pro Tip: Publish your ad on weekend days asit will work effectively on these days.    

2. Using Social Media Advertising   

In this world, a large part of telecallers is on social media and the maximum number of recruiters are using social media. So, this is the best platform to post an ad to hiring a telecaller. You can use channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. Many people are looking into job postings on social media, even you can post a job listing ad of yours. Here are the steps to post a job listing ad on social media apps.   

Step 1: Select a platform where you want to post your job listing   

Step 2: Go to the company’s profile page    

Step 3: Create an ad campaign and complete the campaign details.   

Step 4:  Post an ad    

Step 5: You will get the applications and start interviewing them   

Pro Tip: Ask your digital marketer to post an ad on EZJobs portal to ease your efforts.

3. Campus Placements   

The colleges have young and dynamic skilled persons, so this is one of the best ways of hiring. Here you can execute campaigns, workshops, drives, and seminars, these techniques will help you pick the best candidate for your job. Here are some steps to acquire a candidate.   

Step 1: Select a college or a university. 

Step 2: Conduct a seminar and define our goals and targets.   

Step 3: You can offer an internship program “if required.”   

Step 4: Select the candidates and interview them   

Step 5: Hire them with their abilities     

4. Word Of Mouth   

Word of mouth is the world’s fastestspreading procedure, where you can tell every one of your contacts including your friends and talk about your requirements. Doing this will ensure you will get a perfect telecaller. You can create WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups and add stories to them.   

5. Agency Recruitment Method   

An agency strategy is one among the best ways to hire candidates. Agency has several employers listed and many candidates. You can list your job post through this, the recruiter will call and interview them. These agencies can hire a lot of candidates for your requirements.    


To overcome all the hidden challenges in hiring a telecaller, concentrate on the right skills when looking for the perfect telecaller. Make sure that your telecallers are excellent communicators, as this is what it honestly takes to be successful. They should possess a positive attitude, determination, and more than anything else, sincerity. Hope these tips help you to hire the best telecallers.  

Frequently Asked Questions    

Q: Are there any other methods to hire a telecaller?   

Ans: Yes, there are social media networking sites that will work effectively to hire a telecaller.   

Q: Can I post a job listing on hiring platforms?   

Ans: Yes, you can post any job listing on hiring platforms.   

Q: Which hiring platforms are best to list a job?   

Ans: We have ant hiring platforms online to post a job but EZJobswill ease your effort of posting a job.   

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