How to Hire a Good Marketing Person?


Are you serious about growing your business? Then you should become serious about marketing. Your company must look to hire a top-class marketing person.   

Marketing of your business will be good if your business has a World Class marketer.  

But the companies are struggling to hire a good marketer. A Good marketer and the team are responsible for the brand value of the product and the business.   

Their work leads to what the brand is about, and it is the result of brand awareness among the public in their efforts. So, a good marketer is very crucial for the business, and they should be hired carefully.   

Here are five areas you should focus on to hire a great marketer.

  1. Creating a job post
  2. Skills required in candidates
  3. Analyzing candidates
  4. Testing Candidate Skills
  5. Offering Good Salary

Creating a job post  

Firstly, the company must create a job post on the requirement of Marketer. The Job post must contain all the necessary job details with the company details and the role of the work.   

It must have the job description for the marketing position, and it should be presented adequately. So that it should attract the candidates and make them apply for the position.  

Required Skills in candidates  

After Creating the job post, the company must know the required skills that are needed for a good marketer.   
Here are the skills that one must possess to become a great marketer. To hire a good marketing person, he/she must possess the following skills.  

  • Good in analyzing consumers  
  • Identifying competition 
  • Having good business strategies 
  • Social media marketing 
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  • Content marketing 
  • E-mail marketing 
  • Running campaigns 
  • Ad-campaigns

Good in studying consumers   

A marketer is known as good when he can understand the preferences and interests of the audience. Every business wants to target its audience by understanding its wants and needs.   

Firstly, the candidate must have the skill of analyzing customers which plays a significant role in marketing. This skill is not only useful in traditional marketing it is also extremely useful in Digital marketing.    

Having this skill, the candidate can identify the people and can target the audience as per the audience accordingly.   

Identifying Competition   

Without any competition, there is no business. We find competition in every segment and a good marketer should have the skill of addressing the competition of the business and what are the strategies and ideas to take over the competition.  

If one has the skill to identify the competition. He will also have an idea of what the competition is doing and what your business is doing. It will help him to come with a strategy to take over the competition.  

Having good business strategies  

Candidates should feature the skill of having a good strategy for the growth of the business. The marketing team must have the ability to create different strategies at different period.   

Company needs many strategies for the growth of the business and an expert marketer will give the right strategy whenever required. He should be ready with multiple business strategies.   

A good strategy will give impressive results to the business. So, making strategies will show an impact on the business. Good business strategies are an add-on skill to a marketer, and it is an especially useful skill.   

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

A Good Marketer will have a vast knowledge of SEO. They also have a profound knowledge of Google search engines and will optimize your company’s website with the best SEO practices. An SEO marketer will also know keywords, analysis, content creating, ranking, link building, etc  

Social Media Marketing  

Having good knowledge of social media optimization is also a great skill of a marketer. These days everyone is in search of Digital marketing candidates with the best knowledge.   

The candidates the company is looking to hire must have this skill. This will help the company to spread the awareness of the business across the globe with the use of social media.   

Content marketing   

A marketer will use the content to do marketing, this type of marketing is called ‘Content Marketing’. Content marketers will have a wide range of experience developing, editing, and operating content such as blog articles, landing pages, and social media posts.  

E-mail marketing   

E-mail marketing is yet another skill of a good marketer. He is responsible for managing the company’s e-mail marketing campaigns. He needs to look after the Lead generation and handle them over to other departments.  

Running Campaigns   

One of the most important skills a marketer should hold is the ability to run campaigns. One must run campaigns physically and virtually. These campaigns are run to spread the awareness of the business among the public and engage the audience.  


Any Digital marketer would be aware of ad campaigns, and it is one of the vital skills of a marketer. Ad campaigns will help the businesses to run advertisements and target different/specific sorts of audiences.   

Good Communication  

Having effective communication skills is necessary and should be for a marketer. Lack of effective communication of the employee will show a negative impact on the business. 

So, a marketer must also have effective communication. Having fluency and should be able to express things simply.  

Analysing candidates  

After successfully knowing the skill required in a good marketer. Now after posting the job, the company must analyse the required skills and check with the applications of the candidates who have applied for the position.  

Now see which candidates’ skills match with the required skills and shortlist them. Try to shortlist the candidates with good experience and see their past achievements.  

Testing Candidate Skills  

Here comes the most important part of hiring a marketer. To hire a good marketer, we have gone through all the above steps. This part is the crucial stage, and it requires a lot of knowledge and time.   

In this phase, the company must test the shortlisted candidates whether they possess the required skills or not. This will give a clear portrait of who is the best one among all the candidates and the company can get the required one.  

The candidates might not have all the skills listed above but it will give an idea of the candidates who have the skills required. The candidates with the most no. of skills must be recruited.   

Offering a Good Salary  

The last and the final thing is offering a good salary for the position. Currently, there is a huge demand for marketing experts, and they are getting a hand full of opportunities.  

To need a Good and talented marketer to grow your business. You need to offer a good salary and many people will attract the position. It will give your company to get the best candidate fit for the position.  

After hiring the candidate, the company must pay the best they could to the marketer. This will create a good impact on the employee, and they will also stay in their role. 


Having a good marketing person will give growth to the business and create awareness and build the brand. So, having a top-class business marketer is necessary for a business.   

Hope this article has made it easy to hire a top-grade marketer for your business. 

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What should I look for when hiring a marketer?  

Ans: You should look for an expert marketer who has a minimum experience of 2-3 years. He/she must be knowing campaigns, leads, SEO, social media, Good Communication.   

What makes a good marketer?  

Ans: Having a handful of experience in the marketing field and having strategies according to the times. Adapting the new techniques and the changes in the marketing field.  

What are the 3 benefits of marketing?  

Ans: 1. It widens the business, 2. Increases competition, 3. Increases business ROI. 

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