How Do I Find Local Truck Drivers?

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Are you looking to hire local truck drivers near you but facing difficulties in finding them? You are at the right place to find the solution.  

Yes, there is a ridiculously huge demand for truck drivers in the market right now, and it has become exceedingly difficult to find them. But no worries, today, let us discuss the top 5 effective ways to find truck drivers in this article by EZJobs.   

Top Ways to Find Local Truck Drivers Nearby Your Location 

With new HR technologies and sophisticated sourcing tactics appearing in the recruiting scene, it’s easy to miss broadly utilized common practices to hire local truck drivers. But this does not imply that the conventional approaches are any less efficient. Here, take a look at strategies to streamline your recruitment process easily by which you can save time and money. 

  • Job posting on hiring platforms
  • Writing a better job description 
  • Advertising the job in Newspapers  
  • Word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Social media posts/ads     

Job Posting on Hiring Platforms   

The first thing we need to do while finding the drivers is to post a job opening on popular hiring platforms. One should remember that in the job post, the job must be highlighted, and it should have all the details of the job, like position, working time, incentives, etc.   

We can use online job portals like LinkedIn, EZJobs, and many other job portals where the company can post free job posts and target the required audience.   

Writing a Better Job Description  

The job description is necessary and should be very appealing to the candidates. The better the job description, the more candidates get targeted.   

Your job description should hold all the necessary information. It should also have all the responsibilities that the employer is expected to take care of by the employee.   

It also must hold the qualification and skills needed for the job position and be uploaded in the job post (In the job posting). Before you forget, make sure it holds the duties of the employee, like loading/unloading of the truck and traveling distance per day, at the same time showing your priorities to them. Remember that added benefits will increase the chances. 

Let us have a look at this sample job description for a truck driver’s position. 

Sample Job description  

Job Summary   

We are looking to recruit a licensed truck driver who will be in charge of making on-time, safe deliveries of commodities and other commercial items to our clients. You’ll be responsible for driving and maintaining the vehicles we’ll give you, as well as coordinating closely with our team of dispatchers to map out routes and keep tabs on deliveries. 

Responsibilities and Duties    

  • After Completing a daily truck log and sending reports of mileage to the reporting officer.   
  • The employees inspect the vehicle every time before using it.  
  • If found, any equipment or mechanical failures must be reported at once.   
  • Choosing routes and routines so they go ahead in the most efficient way possible.
  • Employees should be effective at conserving resources, including fuel, to help the business. 


  • Must have a valid Driving License
  • Minimum experience of three years
  • No active cases on the candidates

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Advertising the Job in Newspapers  

To get job applications for the job posts, the company needs to create ads and boost the job post on the best hiring platforms. This process will reach a wide range of audiences.  

We can gather engagement using various sources. We can use newspapers for classified ads, and by using these ads, we can reach more candidates as blue-collar workers, like truck drivers, read newspapers often.   

Word-of-mouth Marketing   

Word-of-mouth marketing will help the company to get candidates in a natural way. This will also help to build trust in the company. Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing happens when consumers talk about a company’s product or service to their friends, family, and to others with whom they have close relationships.   

It is one of the best, if not the best forms of advertising, as a considerable number of consumers trust their friends over the media. There is a high chance that companies will encourage WOM marketing by exceeding expectations on a product, supplying good customer service, and giving exclusive information to consumers.  

To increase this, the company must post the information about the job position on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook stories. This will create awareness about the job with your contact.   

At the same time, the company should also create social media posts and publish them. Creating LinkedIn posts and asking the employees to like and share them will increase its reach. This form of marketing will create a positive reach and will increase engagement for the job post.   

Social Media Posts & Ads   

Having over 4.5 billion active users on social media and the numbers themselves speak a lot about the network these social media have. It undoubtedly comes in the first place to meet our requirements.   

There are many social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter which can be reliable sources. One can also use job platforms & networking apps like LinkedIn.  

Companies should have a dedicated social media handle and be active over there. They can use these platforms to post jobs and make users aware of them.   

Social media will help to reach people faster and quicker than other platforms. Today, many blue-collar workers, like truck drivers, delivery executives, cooks, housekeepers, sales executives, etc., are using these platforms to their full potential. It will be a key weapon for reaching people and will have an incredibly significant impact in finding candidates. 

These are the 5 effective ways to find local truck drivers. These will not only help to find truck drivers, but also you can use these ways to find other blue-collar workers. Also, now that you are targeting local truck drivers, specifically by city, our recommendation would be to post a job on an easy-to-use app like EZJobs


Q1. How to find a driver for my semi-truck?   

Ans: The above-mentioned methods will help you in finding them. Alternatively, you can post your requirement on EZJobs.  

Q2. How to know the driver’s skills?  

Ans: Taking the driving test of the driver before hiring them and verifying their license.  

Q3. How to find truck drivers with their own trucks?  

Ans: To find drivers with their own trucks, the company should mention it in the job post like, “Looking for truck drivers with own truck.” 

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