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What are the Highest-paying Jobs with a Bachelor’s Degree

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Are you done with your graduation? Looking for jobs that pay well after acquiring your degree? Then EZJobs is the right place to search. But first, let’s see what jobs a fresher can apply for with a bachelor’s degree. 

A bachelor’s degree can open the doors to a variety of jobs that pay well. Further, as you develop experience in your career and continue to learn, such as through certifications, you can significantly improve your earning potential. 

For instance, the most common majors—business, health professions, engineering, and biological sciences— are all usually helpful in landing jobs in well-paid careers following graduation. 

We have compiled a list of 8 jobs that any graduate can apply for and tend to pay above-average salaries. The positions listed below call for a bachelor’s degree and little to no experience, though you could find that different employers have varied requirements for the amount of experience required as a minimum. 

Top 8 Jobs That Pay Well for Freshers with Bachelor’s Degree 

Data Scientist

One of the highest-paying careers in India, a data scientist is a relatively new position that comes with a lengthy list of benefits and a competitive salary. Data Scientists are specialists that gather, analyze, and interpret vast amounts of data in a business. LinkedIn has rightly dubbed this job “the most promising career.” Data scientists in India can pursue a rewarding career if they have a strong background in subjects like computer science, programming, mathematics, statistics, and analytics. To enter this profitable market and get noticed by top employers, consider completing a Data Science Certification course. Upon finishing this course, you will be qualified for the best jobs in India. 

One of the highest-paying and high-demand professions in India is data scientist, with an average annual salary of ₹11,000,000. Data scientists with years of experience can make up to 60–70 lakhs annually. 

Medical & Healthcare Professionals  

One of the important industries in India is healthcare. The healthcare sector is quickly rising because of the pandemic’s increased demand for medical experts. With salaries varying according to specializations like optometry, dentistry, pharmacy or fields like nursing, medical assistance, healthcare administration, home health aide, etc., Indian doctors, healthcare experts are some of the highest-paid professionals in the world. 

Prescription of medications, evaluation of patient symptoms, diagnosis of medical conditions, therapy administration, collaboration with nurses, evaluation of test results, etc., are only a few of the typical job duties of medical professionals. 

In India, medical professionals have an average annual pay of around 10 lakhs. Over 25% of healthcare professionals make around 20 lakhs a year. A general physician/ doctor makes an average salary of ₹6,99,142, whereas a general surgeon makes ₹11,59,833. 

Machine Learning Experts 

A branch of artificial intelligence (AI) called machine learning (ML) had hit the mainstream across a variety of fields. The topic of AI and ML is expected to progress dramatically over the next few years, and now has one of the highest salaries in India. Professionals and experts in machine learning conduct statistical studies and analysis and create ML algorithms and applications that can be utilized for many commercial requirements. Learn everything you need to know about machine learning to develop the skills required for a job and qualify for the best jobs in India. 

In India, the typical salary for a machine learning engineer is ₹728,724. The average per annum for engineers with less than a year of experience is ₹501,058. Professionals in mid-level positions can make up to ₹698,443 annually, while those with experience can make up to ₹1,948,718 annually. 

Full Stack Software Developer 

Aside from being one of the highest-paying careers in India, demand for software developers—including Full Stack Software Developers—is at an all-time high. Experts at developing and handling both the front end and back end of software, applications or websites are known as “full stack software developers.” Since they create a website from scratch, this job is definitely among the most paid in India. You can boost your chances of becoming a Full Stack developer by enrolling in an online course from a prestigious university in Full Stack Development if you have a Bachelor’s degree in branches like IT or computer science. 

Full Stack Software Development beginners can expect to make about ₹375,000, while mid-level professionals with about 1-4 years of experience have chances to make up to ₹553,000. In India, one of the top careers is full-stack development. 

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Investment Banker 

The goal of investment banking, a top-paying profession in India and the world, is to assist clients in making the best possible financial decisions for their investments. Investment banking is the ideal career path if you have a finance background and a passion for hosting financial services. 

Salary on average: 4–40 LPA 

Pay range for freshers: 10–12 LPA 

Product Management 

Industries like Product design, development, and management are quickly taking the lead in our country. Enter Product Manager, the main position in a company in charge of creating strategies, marketing, defining features, and making predictions about products. Product managers have to be meticulous and knowledgeable about organizational objectives connected to product development. With a course and product management certification, you may boost your career and find the best jobs in India. 

Freshers often make between 7-8 LPA, whereas experienced employees usually make between 17 and 26 LPA. 

Chartered Accountant 

Every industry needs Chartered Accountants (CA) since they are financial consultants and advise clients on effective money management. CAs are in high demand and one of the highest-paying professions in India. 

Graduates in commerce who just passed out of college must pass the CA exam course conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), New Delhi, in order to practise as a CA. 

Chartered Accountant pay ranges from 6-7 LPA (depending on experience and expertise) to 30 LPA or more. One could say it is a top career in India to work as a chartered accountant, a job which pays an average income of ₹789,396. 

Marketing Manager 

To satisfy customer needs and increase revenues, a marketing manager creates and executes a company’s marketing strategies. They work in all parts and fields of the sector, and their career path is rapidly expanding. The entry-level job role requirement in marketing management is a bachelor’s degree in business administration or marketing management. Marketing managers create cutting-edge products and solutions to satisfy customer wants and meet their expectations and the needs of the organization while earning one of the best incomes in India. 

In India, a marketing manager gets paid an average salary of ₹7,01,976 LPA. 

What You Can Do to Maximize Your Earning Potential 

If choosing a specific major or receiving the proper degree were the only requirements for landing the highest-paying job after graduation, one might think that all students would pursue the same academic fields. That is not the case; students all around the country study a broad range of subjects in order to acquire different degrees, and earning potential is just one of the factors they consider when making decisions. 

No matter what degree they get, what major they choose, or even whether they like science or the arts and humanities, there are a few ways for college students to progress in college and prepare themselves for success and higher earning potential. 


Many believe that internships are more important than ever in finding an entry-level career after college due to the competitive nature of the job market in today’s world. Before enrolling in college, you might also want to learn more about a prospective degree to make sure you are genuinely interested in it and also that it helps you grow in your career. Part of the main reason internships are so desirable is that they address that age-old dilemma of “experience necessary” on a job application. 

Therefore, an internship offers a way around the Catch-22 of “only qualified individuals with experience need apply.” In addition to getting useful experience in your industry, you will also have the chance to network with people who could be important to your success in the future.  

Furthermore, you will have the possibility to exhibit your professional expertise in ways that go beyond what is written on your resume, which is essential in a market where job opportunities are limited. Additionally, entry-level candidates may be required to have internship experience in liberal arts-based sectors like journalism and marketing that demand experience. 

Start Networking   

If you want to work in a demanding profession like finance or cybersecurity, it may be better to start connecting with professors, other graduates, and industry contacts now rather than later. When you start trying to get a job, not only can you get a foot in the door, but you can also find out more about the kinds of professions that might be the greatest fit for you once you graduate. 

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You can try to make a good first impression before admission by using social media, for instance, or by taking part in group discussions with admissions staff members who represent the school. To prevent being a “ghost applicant,” you should also make it a point to get in touch with an enrollment advisor. You might like spending the day on campus and getting to know individuals in person if you live close enough to do so.  Through university groups on social media sites, you can interact with other prospective students and schedule online appointments. 

Seek Career Counselling  

Even if you are an undergraduate student in your first year, there are several advantages to speaking with the career services office at your college. Career service departments frequently provide links with alumni who can help students with job shadowing or informative interviews

Double Majoring Helps 

There’s no need to choose just one degree if you can’t decide between the sciences and the humanities. You can double major in both disciplines as long as you are aware of the number of courses you will need to take to complete all the eligibility requirements. 

Some majors complement one another particularly well, such as biology and chemistry or English and business. If you have a wide variety of interests, the coursework in one subject may organically support the topics in another, or you may prefer to keep your options open. 


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