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Frequently Asked Housekeeping Interview Questions and Answers

Housekeeping interview q&a

When you’re getting ready to hire a housekeeper, it’s likely that you’ve already done a little research and have an idea of what kind of person you want to hire. After all, hiring the right housekeeper is no small task. You need someone who is reliable, organized, trustworthy, and detail-oriented. But how do you know if you’ve found the right fit? With so many questions about housekeeping interviews popping up online from job seekers and HR professionals alike, it can be difficult to know where to begin your search for the perfect candidate. Luckily, we’ve got answers to some of the most common questions about housekeeping interviews so that more people can find successful new jobs and hire new housekeeping help at their home. 

Housekeepers or maids are responsible for cleaning and reporting any safety hazards to the homeowner or manager in charge. Housekeepers handle light cleaning needed for the upkeep of homes as well as commercial buildings, such as offices, hotels, and hospitals etc. Oddly enough, many housekeeping job positions include private residences and commercial establishments. Apart from offices, hotels and hospitals, you might also work for casinos or churches. Housekeeping can be a casual part-time job for students or elderly persons, or it can be a full-time occupation with a high level of responsibility. Employers want cleaners who can do more than work hard – they also need to have good people skills and the ability to maintain a tidy environment. 

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Q1) How many times do you wash your hands? 
The interviewer’s intention here is to understand about the interviewee’s awareness on hygiene standards and his or her personal hygiene. 

Example Answer: “I wash my hands very frequently, usually after completing each task.” 

Q2) How many leaves do you take in a month? 
The interviewer here wants to know about frequent leaves and get clarity on number of paid leaves. 

Example Answer: “I would need two paid leaves in a month and will not be taking any other leaves apart from that” 

Q3) What would you do if you found valuable items? 
The interviewer’s intention here is to understand about the interviewee’s integrity.  

Example Answer: “I assure that I will hand it over” 

Q4) Where were you working earlier? 
The interviewer’s intention here is to understand about the interviewee’s amount of work and scope of work. 

Example Answer: “I used to work in a family of 4 in an apartment.” 

Q5) Besides doing this job, what other work can you do? 
The interviewer here wants to understand what all house chores you could do and help them out with. 

Example Answer: “I am good at almost all things related to the house that includes doing the clothes and utensils, mopping and cleaning and cooking. I intend to keep the house neat and clean at most times. However, in times of need, I can help out with cooking too.”  

Q6) Do you have any health issues?  
The interviewer here wants to understand if you are physically fit and also would want to know about frequent leaves.  

Example Answer: “No, I am healthy at most times.” 

Q7) What are you looking for in terms of salary? 
The interviewer here wants to understand the salary expectations here.  

Example Answer: “I expect a salary of 10,000 a month but it is negotiable. 

Q8) When can you start working? 

Example Answer: “I can start working immediately as I have already left my previous job.” 

Q9) Will you be able to work extra time during festival days? 

Example Answer: “Yes, I can work extra time during festivals or at the arrival of guests on somedays.” 

Q10) How much experience have you got in cleaning houses? 

The interviewer here wants to understand and judge the quality of work that could be expected from you based on your experience.  

Example Answer: “I have a total of 10 years of experience in housekeeping” 

Q11) Are you currently using a mobile phone? 

The interviewer here wants to understand if you are a person who is reachable through mobile in case of emergency.  

Example Answer: “Yes, I have a mobile and I can use the basics.” 

Q12) Are you prepared for the police check? 

Example Answer: “Yes” 

Average salary of Housekeepers in various cities 

It is important for you to know the average salary of housekeeping services in your city before you go for an interview. The salary per month in various cities is as follows: 

City Average Salary/Month 
Chennai ₹ 15,843 
Kerala ₹ 26,445 
Hyderabad ₹ 16,412 
New Delhi Area ₹ 15,241  

Housekeepers, or maids, do the cleaning in commercial buildings and homes. It is necessary to be thorough, efficient, and courteous to be a successful housekeeper. If you are unable to match the demands or cannot multitask, choose a different line of work. 

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