8 Critical Interview Problems That Might Derail Mission-Critical Hiring

Not many could claim to have developed the perfect interview process. Companies have their own ways of going about their interview processes. But not many would be willing to realize the penalties attached to a risky interview process, thereby sabotaging the interviews. 

Like everything else attached to business, the interview is also a process. As such, it could also benefit from a little bit of an audit. You just might be surprised at how many bad habits might have grown over long periods of time. For starters, a set of misconceptions have been observed to be common. Here’s a look at some of the usual suspects. 

1. Inconsistent Patterns 

If left unchecked, it is extremely easy for inconsistencies to creep into the interview process. 

Interviews are often scheduled several times in a single day. There’s always the odd day where we’re in a terrible mood because of a personal issue. All these are very human things which could immediately cloud our judgment. 

Nevertheless, for the interview process to be successful, consistency is paramount. Remember, no one wants to lose a brilliant candidate to an innocuous headache. 

How to Fix 

Thankfully, there are some neat ways to fix bad mood issues.  

  • Stick to a scoring system that judges candidates based on several parameters and not just on your gut feel 
  • Let each stage of the interview process have a dedicated interviewer that interviews every candidate 
  • Rid yourselves of negative emotions by taking breaks in between 
  • Try and schedule the most similar interviews on the same day so you approach each candidate with the same frame of mind
  • On the flip slide, it is also important to not schedule too many interviews on the same day because even that can take a toll on the decisions you make 

2. The Bias Game 

Fortunately or otherwise, human beings are born with bias. That’s built into our nature. We seek out shared interests in others by default. More often than not, this translates into recruitment processes sabotaged by favoritism. 

The bias game is actually way stronger than it looks. At a deeper and personal level, these biases could extend up to gender, religion and race. 

But there are also many other things that could make you partial towards one candidate over the other. It could be anything under the sun from the same hobbies, the same kind of humor, the university, or even similar vacation ideas. 

While it is important to be compatible culturally, there are other more important things to consider. 

How to Fix 

The most popular way to avoid interview bias is to have a full panel for interviews. It’s even better if the interviewers are of varying ages, personalities, and cultures. 

Now, this is not always a possibility, especially during early interactions. Also, panel interviews have downsides of their own, the most significant being the pain of organizing them. But, at large, there are more benefits than disadvantages. Even one extra person at the interview helps iron out a lot of personal bias. 

3. Conversation Fatigue 

Conversation fatigue during interviews is interview fatigue. It is a real problem and can dig a deep hole into the interview process. Every interviewer worth their salt will not find it difficult to confess that the first candidate gets equal ounces of attention as the last. 

This is a genuine human flaw that could potentially write good candidates off during long and tiresome days of interviews. 

How to Fix 

The secret is easier said than done – you cannot let the fatigue get to you. Take regular breaks between consecutive interviews. Scrape out time to write down your immediate thoughts about the interview that just passed. Most importantly, space out a little before you speak to the next candidate. 

The general consensus is that anything beyond three to four interviews a day is a bit of a stretch. 

A panel interview helps here again by giving you a clean and unbiased perspective of the candidates. A smart way to plan is try and understand which times of the day you feel the most and the least efficient. 

4. Preparation  

Most candidates put their hearts and souls into preparing for an interview. But do interviewers also put in the same amount of effort for the interview? 

Many interviewers try to fly by the seat of their pants when they feel out of control about the direction of the interview. If that’s on your cards, too, you’ll make it virtually impossible for yourself to make an informed decision. 

Also, this is hardly any way to impress good candidates. 

How to Fix 

Get these in place before you start the interview: 

  • Read the CV thoroughly and make notes of anything that you’d want your candidate to elucidate. 
  • Create a detailed checklist of attributes you are looking for in a candidate; this could include skill, experience, work culture compatibility, etc.
  • Be thorough about the job description so you sound on point when the candidate asks you about the job 
  • Chalk out the most common questions a candidate could have about the job and chalk out the answers for those 

5. Impulsive Decisions  

Aren’t we all guilty of this? We paint a picture in our heads within seconds of meeting someone. During the interview, it is extremely important that you put this sense of impulsive judgment at the back of your mind. 

If this is not done right at the start, you might spend the entire interview finding negatives that support your first judgment. You might come across as too argumentative and leave your candidate zero chance of impressing you at all. 

How to Fix 

You must find ways to stop your snappiness from tainting your reasoning. 

  • Think as your candidate would. Nervousness is the default setting. Let them have the benefit of the doubt if they make an early mistake.  
  • Follow the procedure. Speed up the interview if the candidate makes a mistake, but do not give up on them. Stay fair and offer them a genuine chance to win your back over.  
  • Bring an interviewing partner. That will rid you off any personal biases that you might have carried over into the interview room. 
  • There’s every chance that the candidate is indeed unfit for the position. In that case, you’ll at least work with the knowledge that you tried.  

6. Poor Line of Questioning  

Interviews are a total waste of time without the right set of questions. If you do not have great questions, the hiring decision is more of a roulette than a well-thought wager.  

Bad questions are way more common than you’d think. Do not stay bent on asking questions that are difficult or have an impossible trick. Ask questions that are relevant and are at appropriate levels for the candidates in question. 

Trick questions that are sinister-difficult to answer will only end up making the candidates feel terribly about themselves. Even worse, they will hold back from showcasing their true capabilities.  

There’s actually a little bit of self-questioning that could help here. Ask yourself if the candidate is really supposed to know the answer to that question. 

Standard Questions 

By standard, what we really mean is predictable. There is a set of questions that you’d expect almost every candidate to prepare for. That means they will have a reasonably good idea how they want to answer those questions.    

  • For these questions, it is only fair to mix things a little and not make it entirely predictable.  
  • Remember, predictability in questions is met with predictability in answers 
  • On the upside, it is also great to observe how to different candidates handle the same predictable questions differently 

Inappropriate Questions  

Stay miles away from questions that could be perceived as being even remotely discriminatory. It is not just the wrong thing to do, but could also have very serious legal implications.   

How to Fix  

For one, ask better questions.  

  • Ease your candidate into the interview before you throw a bunch of difficult questions at them.   
  • Some candidates might be right for the job yet be naturally nervous for the interview and stress interviews weeds them out anyway. 
  • It is generally pointless to ask candidates ridiculously impossible to answer questions  
  • Swap the stereotypical “what’s your biggest flaw?” with something that is hopefully fresher  
  • Don’t try to over-script the interview. Good candidates can have great natural conversations. Give them a chance to do only that.
  • Never discuss any of these: sexual orientation, age, marital status, disabilities, cultural issues, inappropriate jokes, and convictions.   

7. No Follow-Up  

This is a huge issue that keeps happening again and again.  

The story goes like this: hiring managers get the perfect candidate and the first stage flows like a dream. However, there is no proper follow-up. In such cases, the candidate feels unsure about your response, applies for other positions and invariably accepts some other offer.      

No one likes to wait around for ages, regardless of how big your company is.  

How to Fix 

Follow up with all job candidates.  

  • Write emails to unsuccessful candidates stating the reason for their rejection 
  • Pass on the positive feedback to successful candidates. Tell them about the next steps of the interview process and make an honestly manage their expectations 
  • Don’t take too long to make a hiring decision and let the candidates know immediately once you have decided on hiring them 
  • Candidates are all the more likely to wait around for you once you show that you care for them  

8. You’re an Inexperienced Interviewer  

Many interviewers seem to ignore the fact that an interview is still a conversation. That means both the interviewer and the candidate need to impress one another.  

Here are some common attributes typical of an inexperienced interviewer: 

  • They do not stay patient when the candidate is replying
  • They speak too less or too much  
  • They aren’t fully prepared to handle lengthy interviews 
  • They are dishonest about the job description or the company  
  • They try to appear intimidating before candidates  
  • They try too hard, ending up looking desperate  

The good news is that none of these are so bad that they cannot be fixed. And so often, most interviewers figure it out with experience.  

How to Fix  

There’s nothing to be afraid of even if you notice any of the above points in yourself.  

Start off by requesting someone senior to join you for the interview. That itself calms you down. Then, follow all the points stated before. Take it one step at a time.  

Do not shy away from being natural because you do not need to put on a certain guise to successfully interview a candidate.  

Always remember to hear out what the candidate has to say. Know how many questions you want to ask and plan your time accordingly. That way, you will not stray into stretching any one point for too long.   

What are the Challenges Faced by Start-ups in Hiring Process

Challenges Faced by Startups in Hiring

Challenges are everywhere. And businesses – in general, and start-ups – are no exception to the reap of challenges organizations face today. This blog post elaborates on some of the robust challenges small business start-ups face. From lack of HR to building a team are some of the challenges start-ups faces in hiring. Please scroll down to read along to overcome them.

Challenges Faced by Start-ups in Hiring for Different Departments 

Every company will have these primary departments- Marketing, Sales, Finance & Accounting, Operations Management, Development, and Human resources.  As seen in the below list, startup companies need help hiring candidates. For every startup business, it is essential to have certain factors. The company is looking to get them, but some challenges will emerge.    

  • Lack of HR 
  • Finding candidates from scratch 
  • No one is aware of the company 
  • Lack of money 
  • Building team 
  • Hiring process 

Lack of HR (Human resource)  

  • Firstly, the company is a startup, and there would not be any HR, and the absence of HR is a big downside for the business. If there is no HR, the hiring process cannot be any proceeding in the hiring process.
  • Then the company must recruit an HR first, and further, the company should look for other departments even if the company has somehow managed to get an HR in the business. One should be fresher and may need more experience. As a startup business, skilled candidates will not be willing to work there. Businesses need more experienced candidates. As they pay for them would be higher.    
  • Lack of HR is one of the biggest hiring challenges for a startup company.    

Find candidates from scratch 

  • Then after getting HR into the business, the company’s next step is finding candidates. Though it is a startup business, the company needs employees in every department discussed above.
  • Finding new candidates for a startup business is complex, and no experienced person would like to work with a startup. The firm must look for freshers / less experienced people, and they also need to look out and filter out the candidates for different departments.  
  • For example, the company needs a candidate for the sales department, and he needs to look out for around 10-20 candidates, and from that, he needs to figure out the best one for the business.    
  • Like this, the firm must look for candidates to hire for all the primary departments-marketing, sales, Finance, and accounting. Operations and Management, Development.    

No one is aware of the business 

  • The startup companies do not have any brand value. It is a startup company and may need a better marketing team.
  • No startup company will have a brand value, and each new business must undergo this process. They need to build their image and brand value.    
  • They need skilled and fresh talents as a marketing team to increase their brand awareness. Though it is difficult for them to figure out the best minds, they must have good HR to proceed further. Creating brand value is one of the challenges. All start-ups are facing while building the business.    

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Lack of money 

  • Startup companies would prefer to spend a manageable amount in the hiring process. The businesses will have limited resources, and they will expand them wisely. 
  • The business is a startup, and you want to spend as little as possible on hiring candidates. Spend the rest of your money on the Growth of the firm. But these days, candidates with relevant skills and higher qualifications demand more. The hiring process is also not easy; there will be about 2-3 rounds of interviews and aptitude tests.    
  • The firm must invest in these areas to get better placements and hire talented candidates. Lack of enough money is a dispute for the start-ups, leaving the business motive low. 

 Building the right team  

  • The biggest challenge for any startup company is building the right team. Team building is a compulsion, as there should be a team for the hiring process. With a team, challenges are to be overcome. 
  • A team is needed to function the entire hiring process. Before hiring, it should have a team to make the entire hiring process functional. Later proceed to build other teams of your startup.   
  • There is also a saying that teamwork is the secret that makes ordinary people achieve uncommon results. Having the right team in the startup is the biggest drawback.

Hiring process  

  • The hiring process is the main factor in hiring candidates. The better the process, the better candidates can be found. But the company wants the hiring process to be as simple as possible.    
  • There should be about 2-3 rounds along with the aptitude test to conduct a good hiring process. For this, the company must invest, and the startup business needs more resources to afford that.
  • Due to the limited resources, the company will have to settle for a simple hiring process. This process might need help to figure out the talented candidates. 

Get some information about Remote Hiring Advice for Employers and Candidate 

Steps to Make startup hiring process simple 

As a founder, you’re worried about million things. Startup hiring is one such fear you must overcome. It would help if you had good hiring skills and a recruitment strategy to build the team and run successfully. 

Here are a few challenges most founders will face when it comes to seeking out, securing, and keeping the people they need 

  • Start the hiring process from scratch 
  • Balance the quality hires with a recruiting model 
  • Adjust the hiring scale 
  • Develop new strategies to improve the hiring processes 


Our solution suggestions to make the hiring process simple 

  • Build a network of prospective employees early, using talent pools. 
  • Take cultural fit seriously and make sure this is built into your hiring. 
  • Use collaborative hiring to increase employee engagement and combat bias and lack of experience. 
  • Invest early in an ATS that can scale and innovate with you as you grow. 
  • Plan ahead. The key lies in organization. With this, you’ll find your hiring process snowballs, and it can be easier to get on top of it. 


  • Hire the right person at the correct time 
  • Look at the long-term benefits of hiring
  • Your business plan will tell you when and whom to recruit 


Hiring candidates for any startup business is not that easy, and above are all the challenges that a startup company will face in recruiting candidates. This article will help any startup to figure out the different challenges faced by a startup in recruiting candidates.   


Q.1 Where to find candidates?  

Ans. You can visit colleges to get the best and most talented students with creative brains.   

Q.2 What are the four mistakes’ start-ups typically make? 

Ans. The following are the mistakes start-ups typically make 

  • Forgoing Simplicity
  • Waiting Too Long to Launch 
  • Hiring Poorly 
  • Not Embracing Agility 
  • Guarding The “Big Idea” 
  • Losing Focus 

Q.3 What is the #1 reason that start-ups fail? 

Ans. Cash flow problems are prevalent among start-ups and are one of the top reasons start-ups shut down. Even if the problem isn’t investors backing out, new businesses can only succeed if they meet customers’ needs and if their pricing is too high or too low. 

Q.4 What are the top reasons for start-ups to succeed? 

Ans. Here are the reasons for start-ups to succeed 

  • Business Idea
  • Business Plan 
  • Core Team 
  • Execution Timing 
  • Market Research 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Product Development 
  • Business Model 

Q.5 Which qualities are most valuable in a startup? 

Ans. Here are the four most valuable qualities of a startup 

  • Thrive in Ambiguity 
  • Diversity 
  • Collaboration 
  • Passion 

Remote Hiring Advice for Employers and Candidates: Get These Things Right, Right Now

There seems to be no imminent economic respite from the coronavirus pandemic. Every industry has borne the brunt of the fallout. The implications have panned not just the existing workforce, but also the entire process of recruitment.   

Companies have frozen their hiring pipelines until a clearer picture emerges on the economic horizon. Nevertheless, many businesses have continued with their recruitment processes to prevent slowdown.  

In contrast to most industries, the job market has ballooned in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, government, and biotechnology sectors. However, the vast majority of the job market has fielded a major blow or two. Major policy changes like social distancing and work from home have dramatically altered the recruitment process, with many looking at solutions like video conference calls and remote work tracking.    

Technology Strikes Gold  

Tech hotshots like Facebook, Google, Amazon, and others have announced they would move to online job interviews throughout the outbreak. Video conferencing has seen unprecedented growth with apps like Zoom, Slack and Google Meet rolling the dice favourably for themselves.  

The larger consensus is that the long-term economic impact of the COVID-19 outbreak should be minimum. This has seen several organizations turn to more decisive use of technology to empower business continuity. Most industry insiders predicted this technology-laced counterattack in the wake of the economic slowdown.   

The shift from manual hiring to remote hiring has begun long back. If anything, the lockdown has catalyzed the shift exponentially. As such, we stand at the brink of a new dawn for both interviewers and interviewees. Those accustomed to in-person screening will need to swiftly acclimatize to virtual screening methodologies while rediscovering ways to relay company messages online.     

6 things candidates should do  

1. Dress well 

Interviews may have gone remote. But there is still a lot of impetus on how appropriately a candidate dresses up for the occasion. Make sure you dress a notch better than you’d do for an actual interview. Do not forget to nestle down in a clean environment before you present yourself.   

2. Take a mock interview 

Do a mock interview with a friend first, and ask them to record their screen. This will give you a reasonably decent impression of how you look and sound during the interview. If there are issues with the audio or video, you may solve them well in advance. 

3. Prepare for tough questions  

Online interviews don’t get any easier than the real ones. Address your prep as you’d do for any other interview. Rehearse answers to important interview questions and make your own set of questions for the respective interviewer.  

4. Personalize the session  

Come across as someone that is genuinely enthusiastic about the role. Smile regularly, maintain eye contact and engage in conducive general conversation.  

5. Don’t seem distracted  

Try to look at the camera for the length of the interview. Free your immediate surroundings of anything that would qualify as a distraction, especially your smartphone.  

6. Remember to follow up 

Since most of the old rules apply, it is still considered graceful to thank the interviewer for their time through a well-written follow-up.  

6 things interviewers should do  

1. Strategize  

Give a long and hard look at the attributes that you seek in the candidate. Carefully construct your questions to scrape out maximum information around those attributes.  

2. Do some research 

Take some time to understand the candidate you are interviewing. This will restore formality in the interview like a regular one. Also, tell the candidates about the interviewers on the panel, so they can have questions about you and other fellow interviewers. Get in touch with the IT to check the tech for you.  

3. Do away with distractions  

Accord with respect to the candidate you are interviewing and remove including your smartphone.  

4. Be open  

Let the candidate know of their status during every stage of the process. In the absence of an in-person reception, they’ll greatly value you if their efforts are acknowledged.  

5. Brand away 

Remember to reinforce your brand value proposition and your company’s mission statement every time you find an opportunity.  

6. Share your time with the candidate  

Always give the candidate time to finish their point or response. Accommodate a couple of extra seconds of pause before and after questions to account for lag, if any. 

delivery executive

How To Hire Delivery Executives In Hyderabad, India?

Hiring delivery executives in Hyderabad or anywhere in India can be a daunting task. From finding candidates to shortlisting them takes a ton of time and process in between. 

Here, we’ll guide you through the entire process of hiring the best delivery executives in Hyderabad, India, for your company. 

How to hire delivery executives in Hyderabad? 

The hiring of delivery executives in Hyderabad, India, can be done in multiple ways. And below are some of the most effective ways of hiring. 

  1. Creating a job listing on blue-collar hiring portals 
  1. Collaborating with a staffing agency to hire 
  1. Leveraging newspaper classifieds 

Let’s now understand each method elaborately. 

Creating a job listing on blue-collar hiring portals 

Leveraging the reach of job hiring portals can help you find the right delivery executive in Hyderabad. These portals have the maximum number of candidates actively looking for jobs on their websites daily. 

So, leveraging this reach is a must & sure. 

How can you hire from these portals? 

Step 1: Search for blue-collar job portals in Google  

Step 2: Get in touch with them via phone call or email 

Step 3: Tell them how many candidates you want to hire 

Step 4: Negotiate the job posting price with them 

Step 5: Post your job posting on the platform 

Step 6: Start receiving resumes from the next day 

Step 7: Scrutinize & Select the right candidate 

Executing the above steps will help you successfully hire the right delivery executive in Hyderabad, India. 

You can check out our job portal to post your job requirement here. 

Collaborating with a staffing agency to hire 

Collaborating with a staffing agency is another method to hire delivery executives. These agencies have been in business for years and have served a ton of companies of varied sizes. Their experience in hiring will get your job done. 

How to hire using a staffing agency? 

Step 1: Search for Blue Collar Recruitment agencies in Google 

Step 2: Visit the websites and reach out to them via call or email 

Step 3: Explain your requirement & negotiate the pricing 

Step 4: Finally, allow them to search for candidates for you 

Step 5: Wait for them to start sending you resumes 

Step 6: Start Scrutinizing and hiring 

Executing the above steps will help you hire delivery executives using a staffing agency. 

Usually, the hiring process is a little slow here as there’s no exchange of resumes in real-time. 

Leveraging newspaper classifieds 

Leveraging newspaper classifieds is another way to hire delivery executives for your company. Generally, the cost of hiring is higher for this method. 

Let me quickly guide you through the steps. 

Hire delivery executives using newspaper classified 

Step 1: Search for an agency that will help you post your requirements in newspapers 

Step 2: Tell your requirement to that agency 

Step 3: Agree or try to negotiate the rates 

Step 4: Give your ad creative to the agency 

Step 5: Check your ad in the newspaper the next day  

Step 6: Wait for candidates to call or email you. 

Step 7: Scrutinize & Select 

The above steps will help you hire delivery executives using newspaper classifieds. 

Note: You’ll have to choose the newspaper you want to run the ad on 


Hiring delivery executives in Hyderabad, India, can be done successfully by leveraging any of the above methods, but the most effective is posting your requirements on a blue-collar hiring portal as they’re faster, cheaper, and has a wide reach. 

blue collar workers

11 Creative Ways to Hire Blue Collar Workers in India

How do you hire blue collar workers in India when 85% of the jobs are blue collar and there’s barely a handful of portals serving this mammoth population? After a slumpy 20 months, blue collar jobs are abundant again. But where is all the talent to fill the vacancies?

As many as 7 million blue collar jobs are up for grabs by the end of 2021. Sectors like eCommerce are reeling under manpower crunch as a shop-happy populace is resetting online shopping records. Even giants like Amazon and Flipkart do not have the answer to delivering such gargantuan bulks of customer orders. 

Higher demand than ever

For the first time in over 15 months, the demand for blue collar workers has surpassed the pre-covid demand for blue collar talent. Now that most of the population is vaccinated against covid, economic activity is also on the rise across industries.  

If you are in the blue collar hiring space, you might already know there’s little benefit with conventional hiring portals. We have listed out 11 creative ways in which you can hire blue collar staff not just around you but across India. 

1. Extend your referral schemes

Most blue collar recruiters work with referral schemes of some or the other kind. If you have been using referrals, too, it is time to think above and beyond. Increase the stake for your present candidates so that they participate in the process out of their own volition.

Consider delivery boys. They need to deliver at least 5 or 6 orders to make a hundred rupees. If your referral scheme covers such rewards for lesser legwork, people will happily refer their friends. Given the high customer acquisition costs for both online and offline channels, this is one method that all recruiters cannot negotiate with.

2. Try both category-heavy and niche portals

Informal hiring has lots of bells and whistles. It is nearly impossible for a single portal to cover everything at once. You have to make sure that:

  • The candidates are legitimate
  • They are actively looking for a job 
  • Their qualifications match their resume 
  • They aren’t casual job hoppers 

While these sound quite simple, it is impossible to find all of these on a single app. The best idea is to go with a few different platforms. Try both multi-category apps as well as niche category apps which hire for a particular domain (or blue collar job title) only.

3. Look for interns 

The best thing about hiring interns is that you never have to worry about the energy levels. Almost all career starters are high on energy and it is basically up to the supervisor to make good use of them. Hiring blue collar interns is also a great way to make sure that your recruitment budgets are in check.

In case you are finding it difficult to hire interns, there are several apps that help you do it. All you need to do is mention that you need interns specifically. This way, you will save costs otherwise incurred on results of mixed optimizations.

4. Offer jobs to multi-skilled candidates

The secret about blue collar jobs is that one person with a pack of a few skills is fit for several jobs. The mistake that almost everyone is making is they are looking for people with specific skills to fill specific positions.

We will do well to understand that a delivery executive can be a security guard and vice versa. With the correct use of such permutations and combinations, the entire bank of resumes can be strengthened.

5. Share unheard of benefits

The blue collar marketplace is quite saturated as far as payments and rates are concerned. Unlike white collar hiring, there is no 30% hike for switching jobs either. So once people settle down into their jobs, there is seldom any incentive for switching jobs.

Savvy recruiters understand this only too well. This is why you must think outside conventional terms when it comes to differentiating their benefits. This may range from better incentives to higher rates for the top 20% performers. Whichever way you want to entice people to apply for your jobs, make sure the benefits are real and legible.

6. Evaluate talent faster

Several informal recruiters come from a white collar recruiting background. Hiring for white collar positions like developers and designers takes weeks if not month. It is squarely unfair for recruiters to use such durations of time for closing positions in the blue collar space.

In blue collar industry, hiring depends on two factors alone:

  • How many you hire 
  • How quickly you hire

At this, it is incumbent on the recruiters to close positions faster. To be able to do this, you will need to evaluate talent at light speed.

7. Tap into the mobile-friendly audience

There is a huge audience in the informal economy that is extremely mobile savvy. Thanks to games like PUBG and entertainment apps like TikTok (and its newer reincarnations), almost everyone is using a smartphone now.

It is borderline criminal if your hiring campaigns are not factoring in the mobile friendly nature of your blue collar crowd. It is not only savvy optimization of cost, but also supremely effective. From social media campaigns to push notifications on mobile, recruiters are using every trick under their sleeve to lure the mobile audience.

8. Leverage the power of video

The world is consuming videos by the terabytes. If you are not using videos in your recruitment (blue or white collar), you are leaving money on the table. That is not acceptable if you wish to evolve into an ace recruiter.

You can leverage video for:

  • Engaging your audience who could become potential candidates 
  • Creating awareness about the differentiated benefits for them
  • Running ads for targeted campaigns like candidate sign ups

Videos attract more eyeballs and are highly favored by social media and search engines alike. The best blue-collar recruiters are also posting their job descriptions in video format.

9. Create multi-location job posts

You can improve your hiring chances by several factors if your job post is able to attract talent from not just one but several places at once. If you wish to do this with conventional, white collar portals, you will definitely need to pay them an arm and a leg.

However, with blue collar hiring, it would be counter-intuitive to pay extra for posting jobs in multiple locations. Yes, there are some job portals that let you post the same job in several different locations, and that too, for extra cost. Find them and make use of them.

10. Invite blue collar agencies

When making mass hiring drives, you should not be allergic to any means. If that means reaching out to blue collar agencies that specialize in mass blue collar hiring, so be it. Yes, a lot of fluff candidate resumes get flooded along with the good ones and you might be in for some serious sorting and skimming.

In the larger scheme of things, a blue collar agency is worth having when you need to show quick results. However, you should not be overdependent on such agencies because they tend to charge incrementally. You should rather focus on developing and tuning your native hiring processes.

11. Get a specialized blue collar hiring subscription

If you are looking to close specific positions, it will be a wise decision to get a customized subscription from a job portal, preferably one that specializes in blue and grey collar hiring. If you are in urgent need of such a portal, look no farther than EZJobs.

Hire Telecallers

How to Hire Tele Callers?

Hiring a telecaller is one of the toughest parts of your job as an entrepreneur or small business owner. The telecallers you hire are not just doing what they are told but will be talking to them with a friendly and caring attitude. They should also understand the importance of your business and work hard. 

What Is The Role Of A Telecaller? (Telecaller Job Description) 

Employees like telecallers are supposed to explain the company’s product or services, take customer requirements, explain the solution by understanding their pain points first, and nurture them to push them further down the sales funnel. They often do this either via talking to them over the phone or via chat messages. Tele calling job profiles will include not only excellent listening and communication skills but also the ability to handle multitasking.  

Telecalling is an ancient art that has been applied to many industries. For example, a salesperson at a mall will initiate contact by asking you if you have found everything you need while remaining within “selling distance” – not making it obvious that he is trying to sell you something. Let us take look at some methods.  

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“We Are Hiring Telecallers” Methods Of Hiring Telecaller  

If you are desperate and have a deadline for hiring telecallers you can use any of the following methods to post the openings. Using tags like “female telecaller jobs near me” and “female telecaller required” will help you post the job according to your location. 

  • Newspaper classified ads   
  • Social media advertising 
  • Campus placements
  • Word of mouth 
  • Agency recruitment method 

1. Newspaper Classified Ads   

Newspaper classified is known as newspaper ads, these classifieds will help you to reach the right person and hire a telecaller by location. So, here are some steps to create a classified ad.  

Step 1: Firstly, select the newspaper and talk to the newspaper editor  

Step 2: Get ready with the creative classified ad   

Step 3: Complete the payment process to display the ad    

Step 4: Check your ad in tomorrow’s newspaper   

Step 5: You will receive calls and emails when the ad is displayed   

Pro Tip: Publish your ad on weekend days asit will work effectively on these days.    

2. Using Social Media Advertising   

In this world, a large part of telecallers is on social media and the maximum number of recruiters are using social media. So, this is the best platform to post an ad to hiring a telecaller. You can use channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and many more. Many people are looking into job postings on social media, even you can post a job listing ad of yours. Here are the steps to post a job listing ad on social media apps.   

Step 1: Select a platform where you want to post your job listing   

Step 2: Go to the company’s profile page    

Step 3: Create an ad campaign and complete the campaign details.   

Step 4:  Post an ad    

Step 5: You will get the applications and start interviewing them   

Pro Tip: Ask your digital marketer to post an ad on EZJobs portal to ease your efforts.

3. Campus Placements   

The colleges have young and dynamic skilled persons, so this is one of the best ways of hiring. Here you can execute campaigns, workshops, drives, and seminars, these techniques will help you pick the best candidate for your job. Here are some steps to acquire a candidate.   

Step 1: Select a college or a university. 

Step 2: Conduct a seminar and define our goals and targets.   

Step 3: You can offer an internship program “if required.”   

Step 4: Select the candidates and interview them   

Step 5: Hire them with their abilities     

4. Word Of Mouth   

Word of mouth is the world’s fastestspreading procedure, where you can tell every one of your contacts including your friends and talk about your requirements. Doing this will ensure you will get a perfect telecaller. You can create WhatsApp groups and Facebook groups and add stories to them.   

5. Agency Recruitment Method   

An agency strategy is one among the best ways to hire candidates. Agency has several employers listed and many candidates. You can list your job post through this, the recruiter will call and interview them. These agencies can hire a lot of candidates for your requirements.    


To overcome all the hidden challenges in hiring a telecaller, concentrate on the right skills when looking for the perfect telecaller. Make sure that your telecallers are excellent communicators, as this is what it honestly takes to be successful. They should possess a positive attitude, determination, and more than anything else, sincerity. Hope these tips help you to hire the best telecallers.  

Frequently Asked Questions    

Q: Are there any other methods to hire a telecaller?   

Ans: Yes, there are social media networking sites that will work effectively to hire a telecaller.   

Q: Can I post a job listing on hiring platforms?   

Ans: Yes, you can post any job listing on hiring platforms.   

Q: Which hiring platforms are best to list a job?   

Ans: We have ant hiring platforms online to post a job but EZJobswill ease your effort of posting a job.   

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How to Choose an Accountant for Your Small Business?

How to Choose An Accountant For Your Small Business?

Running a small business seems all hunky-dory until one day you must make the weighty decision of hiring an accountant for your small business. Once you have realized it is time to hire an accountant, you must know how to go about it.  

Make sure you are clear about:  

  • The accountant’s location (and whether remote work is a possibility) 
  • The division of workload (if you need more than one accountant) 
  • The accounting software 
  • The budget for hiring  

Most employers hiring an accountant for their small business is also hiring accountants for the first time. Here are some important tips for those looking to hire an accountant for the first time or for their small business. 

Select a relevant expertise  

If you are hiring an accountant with prior work experience, you should ideally choose someone with experience in a similar business. That will cut short the preparation time and make sure the recruit hits the ground running.   

Out of all the advice that we have for hiring an accountant for small businesses, this one is the most relevant. This will not just save you time on both ends, but also educate you about things that your new accountant might already know ahead of you.     

Additionally, it will help if you choose someone with relevant software experience as well.  

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Be flexible with the budget  

A set budget for the position of accountant might put you on the wrong foot right at the start. Depending on who you are interviewing and what their present salary is, some flexibility might be in order.  

Remember, your primary priority is to find someone who can do the job for you and do it on time. You do not want to hire someone who meets your budget but does not meet your expectations. A little flexibility can go a long way if you are flexible with your budget.  

Arrange an expert interview  

Being a business owner can be demanding in many ways. One of those demands is to be an expert in every field of business. However, it does not have to be that way. Moreover, it would be unwise to believe that a small group of owners (or worse, a single owner) will be aware of anything and everything.  

If you do not have core accounting knowledge, do not pressure yourself into interviewing the new candidate. There are two specific reasons you should avoid such misadventures:  

  • You will not know which the best questions are to ask (particularly the follow-up questions) 
  • The candidate will find out about it equally soon 

How do you navigate such tricky situations? The right answer is to request an expert accountant for their time to conduct the interview. They could be a peer, a business acquaintance or just a professional who you need to pay for their time.  

The expert interview is a one-time investment that is well worth its weight. You need to invest just once and the talent you hire stays for a long time. Win-win. 

Declare a lifetime value 

Say you are savvy enough to hire the right candidate for the budget you had set. What happens then? For how many months or years are you going to milk this talent? This question arises only and only when you consider the lifetime value of the candidate you are about to hire.  

If this is the first time you are looking at the Lifetime Value or LTV of a resource, your business needs some more introspection. Most Indian businesses suffer extremely high attrition rates. The high demand for digital skills and accounting software fans the flames further.  

Businesses that do not treat their employees well find themselves getting rid of talented employees sooner than they acquire them.  

Even before you start the process of hiring an accountant for your small business, declare the lifetime value for them. Besides the budget for hiring, decide:  

  • How many minimum years do you want the right accountant to work for you? 
  • How much value do you see them add to your business? 

If you are clear about the above points, you will make a great hiring decision nine times out of ten. 

Think like a candidate 

The job market is flooded with opportunities. It is only natural that the right candidate will bag multiple opportunities at the same time. There is a good chance that your offer to this candidate will only be one of these many opportunities.  

As a small business owner, you might have no idea whether the right candidate will say yes to your offer. The only way to know is to think like the candidate. Here are some pointers for the start:  

  • How big is the company? 
  • How clean is the reputation of the company? 
  • How has the company treated its employees in the past? 
  • Is there any scam with which the company has been associated? 
  • What is the singular most convincing reason to choose this company over others? 
  • How qualified are the business owners to judge the quality of my work? 

The answers to these questions will collectively shape the decision the candidate makes. Your job is to answer these questions on behalf of the right candidate. If the answers seem satisfactory, there’s a good chance the candidate will join you. 

If there is a bit of a hiccup with any of the answers to the above questions, you should start working on it right about now.         


On the whole, you should be well on your way to hiring an accountant for your small business as long as you follow the points mentioned above. Many of these might seem like a first and you may even feel they are not as important. However, these little things add up to make the most important nuggets to your accountant hiring plan.  

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Do you have a custom hiring requirement? Great. Write to sales@ezjobs.io and our customer success team will help you close the requirement as soon as possible.    

The EZJobs app is a free-to-use jobs platform that connects employers and candidates for local, part-time, and seasonal jobs. You can download the EZJobs app today and find jobs around you. 

how to hire for your startup? challenges & best practice

How to Hire For Your Startup? – Challenges & Best Practices

How to hire? Where to hire? Is s/he the right candidate? Am I overpaying them? or Am I underpaying them? What are the challenges, and what are the best practices? So, these questions are haunting you? Well, not anymore in this blog, we’ll learn about how to hire for your startup, the challenges, and the best practices to overcome challenges. 

Let’s begin with some of the challenges and then move to the best practices you can incorporate to hire. 

There are four types of teams in a startup. Let’s learn about each in detail. 

  • Challenges in hiring the tech team 
  • Challenges in hiring the marketing team 
  • Challenges in hiring the sales team 
  • Challenges in hiring the blue-collar workforce 

Challenges in hiring the tech team for startups 

  1. Shortage of candidates with relevant skills
  2. Not adequately qualified in software engineering
  3. Lack of soft skills
  4. Losing candidates to top offers
  5. High salary demands

The best practices on How to hire a tech team. 

  1. Hire top fresher graduates from Indian colleges. They’re intelligent and can quickly learn new skills when needed. Also, they have a problem-solving attitude. 
  1. Be particular about the skill set you need when hiring. Give opportunity to people without a degree or certificate if they can solve your problem. Mentioning this in the job description will also increase the number of applicants you receive. 
  1. Soft skill is another crucial skill required for a streamlined workflow in any organization. At times it gets difficult for the developer to explain and the employer to interpret. Avoid this scenario by hiring a person with good soft skills. But since the competition is tough, investing in upskilling your developer sounds can work wonders. 
  1. Often candidates with more than one offer in hand will choose the company that has a reputation in the market and pays well. But you can still persuade them to join your startup provided you make them an offer they can’t refuse. 
  1. Top talents demand a high salary because they know they’re better than the rest and can solve the problem in less time. So, considering their skill set, working for less will only make them feel miserable, and they’ll soon look for options elsewhere. The best way to tackle this is to pay a high salary, either in the form of money or benefits. 

Challenges in hiring a marketing team for startups 

  1. Lack of relevant experienced candidates
  2. Good at words but not in bringing results
  3. Good at the technical stuff but not at understanding markets
  4. Hiring the wrong person
  5. Hiring fewer people
  6. Not knowing your requirement

The best practices on How to hire a marketing team. 

  1. Before hiring the marketing team, it’s best to understand the people involved in a marketing team. And who is responsible for what tasks. Having this understanding will help you save money and time. 
  1. Often you’ll be interviewing candidates who lack relevant skills or experience to take up marketing tasks. The best way to tackle it is by posting your job requirement on online hiring platforms that have Google 1st page positions and have helped many companies hire better. 
  1. When interviewing candidates, their resumes will be filled with all the marketing skills needed to be a manager, but the reality is different. So the best way to tackle this is to ask them to do and show it on the computer. Hiring people with relevant skills will always take you farther. 
  1. Often small companies think a digital marketing executive is supposed to do all the marketing activities. Hire enough people to do all the marketing activities. 
  1. To avoid wrong hiring, you’re supposed to know your requirement. Your requirement might be of a business analyst, but you could be thinking a digital marketer could solve your problem.  
  1. Another common mistake seen among small businesses is that they’re not aware of who does what in a digital marketing team. So, having a clear idea about every role and responsibility will help you build a better team. 

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Challenges in hiring the sales team for startups 

  1. Unable to find culturally fit person
  2. Too many words but no sales
  3. Candidates not able to understand the product
  4. Shortage of skilled candidates
  5. Not enthusiastic enough candidates

The best practice on How to hire a sales team 

  1. Finding a candidate that gels well with your culture is such a great thing to happen to any organization. But you don’t always find such candidates. To find such candidates, you can write an elaborative job description where your mention your company’s culture to attract the right ones. You can hire candidates with a flexible mind and mold them to your culture over time. 
  1. Often many sales candidates are good at adapting to the company’s culture when not good at conversions. You need to figure out who is right while interviewing them. Check their previous sales records. Do they have diversity in their sales experience? Were they constantly making sales month-over-month? If yes, then hire the person or interview more. 
  1. Since sales are the easiest job to get, many candidates choose it out of no options. And this often makes them less incompetent. They have a hard time understanding the product and cannot explain it to the user. You can avoid such candidates by asking them intertwined questions, and the one who best understands you and answers is the right candidate. You can hire one best guy and 2-3 mediocre guys and later ask the best guy to train the rest. Get creative with what you can do. 
  1. Often finding candidates that can understand the product, convey the message to the user, convince them to buy, and negotiate the deal are extremely rare. For this reason, you need to interview as many candidates as possible to find the right fit. If you’re not finding such candidates after exploring a lot, then it’s time you train them. Great candidates will always have multiple options, and they will choose the company that is popular and pays well.  
  1. Candidates who do not perform are asked to resign. And sadly, there are many such candidates in the market. You do not want to work with them unless you have no other option. Try to avoid such candidates as much as you can. You can hire fresh college graduates who’re willing to work but avoid this lot. These candidates will only make your other hard-working candidates sluggish. Training a fresher is 100X better than working with an experienced salesperson who has not been performing. 

Challenges in hiring the blue-collar workforce for startups 

  1. Difficulty in finding them
  2. Shortage of soft skills in candidates
  3. Difficult to retain them
  4. Contractors & Middlemen

The best practice on How to hire the blue-collar workforce 

  1. The biggest challenge while hiring a blue-collar workforce is finding them. Companies are still relying on the word of mouth method. It works but not always. You have to make use of the method that guarantees you result and every time. Online hiring platforms like EZJobs can help you hire blue-collar candidates of all categories, and that too very fast. Visit them here. 
  1. Often companies of all sizes find it difficult to hire a blue-collar workforce that is well equipped with soft skills. You will also have time to find and hire such candidates. This problem exists because nobody thought of training the blue-collar workforce yet, and nor blue-collar workers take the initiative on their own. The candidates who do have these skills are either hard to find or are already hired. You can take the initiative of training your blue-collar workforce. Consider it as an investment as these candidates hardly ever change jobs. Constantly raise their salary and respect them. They will never quit. 
  1. The blue-collar workforce either switches too often or settles in one company. The reason why it’s hard to retain them is the employer is not giving them the raise which they deserve nor respecting them. But you have the option to avoid doing this and retain your blue-collar workforce. 
  1. You would have encountered a third person when hiring a security guard or housekeeping staff. Its because this is how the market is largely operating. There are contractors and manpower groups that play a big role in the lives of these blue-collar workers. Due to these middle man, the candidate has to share a certain % of their salary with them for nearly 6 months. Now sharing a salary like this makes it hard for the candidate, and these middlemen will always charge you for solving your problem. Now, this becomes a problem when the candidate needs more money, they start looking for a job change, making it difficult to retain them furthermore. You can avoid this by hiring candidates from online hiring platforms. They do not charge candidates anything and even offer a free job posting to you. 


These were some of the challenges you’ll face while hiring for your startup. Make use of these best practices to hire the right candidate for your startup. Often blue, grey, and white-collar candidates will look for respect and a good salary. Make them feel about your business, keep them hooked to the problem you’re solving, and constantly appreciate them. You’ll soon build a great team and see them working for you for eternity. 

What Would The World Be Like If Fresher Employees Didn’t Exist?

There has always been a debate over hiring experienced employees and fresher employees. Who should be given preference? The importance of work experience cannot be stressed enough when it comes to recruiting a candidate for a job. Having a college degree is not sufficient to get hands on a job even if a college degree is relevant to the job profile.  

Having relevant job experience shows that the candidate has a specific skill set for the job. Generally, experienced candidates are preferred over freshers. But you cannot deny the fact that freshers come up with new ideas and innovations on given problem statements. Usually, freshers are very enthusiastic about learning. Since it’s their first job, they are more focused on acquiring new skills. Moreover, they prepare themselves for the role instead of expecting a big salary. 

Can you imagine the working world without freshers? Here are the consequences of hiring only experienced candidates. 

Higher Salary Expectations 

Laterals of course come with some work experience. Gradually, they will have higher salary expectations. Whereas on the other hand, getting a higher salary is not the top priority of freshers

Fresher employees look for opportunities to learn and grow in their domain. Acquiring new skills and learning new technology is more important for them than sustaining the market. 

Indigestible Attrition Rate 

As laterals have sound experience in the industry, they grow to have certain expectations from the company. If their expectations are not met, they do not stick around for long. And also, if a better opportunity shows up, they usually opt for it. On the contrary, freshers have an urge to prove their mettle. 

Freshers tend to stick to their companies and try to be as productive as possible. They would happily go the extra mile to achieve their targets. They are also highly goal oriented. 

Culture Wars  

This can be a daunting part for laterals. They are accustomed to their previous work culture and workplace. Adjusting to new work cultures and different work policies may take time. 

Experienced employees tend to compare their previous work culture with the current one. This is a big reason for laterals requiring more time to adjust. Since fresher employees do not have any prior work experience, they can easily adapt to a new work culture. 

Dwindling Flexibility 

Experienced candidates might be more effective and efficient at work, but they have a certain way of working. They are used to working in a set manner and have a well-defined workflow. They are not as flexible as freshers. 

Freshers do not come with any bias when they enter a workplace. Their primary focus is to grab new opportunities. They can easily adapt to the work culture and come up with unique solutions on a given problem statement. 

Mechanical Interactions  

A lateral always looks for good opportunities. He is busy in his life and is trying to be financially stable. This is the story of every lateral. They don’t have time to talk about their professional life with people. 

Freshers are most likely to share their experience with their friends. Everyone must have probably got a job and are reaching out to each other with job updates. A fresher spread the word faster about your company. 

Greater Mental Baggage 

The fresher employees have just graduated from college. They do not have much knowledge about the working culture. They enter your company as outsiders without the mental baggage of how other companies work. So, the only things freshers focus on are learning and improving their skills. 

There are different kinds of perks attached to hiring both freshers and experienced employees. While laterals give companies the cushion of specificity, freshers come with the gift of adaptability. At the end of the day, ruling out either option seems unwise on the part of any company. Freshers bring with them the gift of youth, which is so often accompanied by clarity of thought, rigour and freedom of choice. There’s no perfect corporation without freshers! 

The EZJobs app is a free-to-use jobs platform that connects employers and candidates for local, part-time and seasonal jobs. You can download the EZJobs app today and instantly find jobs around you.

Truck Driver

How Do I Find Local Truck Drivers?

Are you looking to hire local truck drivers near you but facing difficulties in finding them? You are at the right place to find the solution.  

Yes, there is a ridiculously huge demand for truck drivers in the market right now, and it has become exceedingly difficult to find them. But no worries, today, let us discuss the top 5 effective ways to find truck drivers in this article by EZJobs.   

Top Ways to Find Local Truck Drivers Nearby Your Location 

With new HR technologies and sophisticated sourcing tactics appearing in the recruiting scene, it’s easy to miss broadly utilized common practices to hire local truck drivers. But this does not imply that the conventional approaches are any less efficient. Here, take a look at strategies to streamline your recruitment process easily by which you can save time and money. 

  • Job posting on hiring platforms
  • Writing a better job description 
  • Advertising the job in Newspapers  
  • Word-of-mouth marketing 
  • Social media posts/ads     

Job Posting on Hiring Platforms   

The first thing we need to do while finding the drivers is to post a job opening on popular hiring platforms. One should remember that in the job post, the job must be highlighted, and it should have all the details of the job, like position, working time, incentives, etc.   

We can use online job portals like LinkedIn, EZJobs, and many other job portals where the company can post free job posts and target the required audience.   

Writing a Better Job Description  

The job description is necessary and should be very appealing to the candidates. The better the job description, the more candidates get targeted.   

Your job description should hold all the necessary information. It should also have all the responsibilities that the employer is expected to take care of by the employee.   

It also must hold the qualification and skills needed for the job position and be uploaded in the job post (In the job posting). Before you forget, make sure it holds the duties of the employee, like loading/unloading of the truck and traveling distance per day, at the same time showing your priorities to them. Remember that added benefits will increase the chances. 

Let us have a look at this sample job description for a truck driver’s position. 

Sample Job description  

Job Summary   

We are looking to recruit a licensed truck driver who will be in charge of making on-time, safe deliveries of commodities and other commercial items to our clients. You’ll be responsible for driving and maintaining the vehicles we’ll give you, as well as coordinating closely with our team of dispatchers to map out routes and keep tabs on deliveries. 

Responsibilities and Duties    

  • After Completing a daily truck log and sending reports of mileage to the reporting officer.   
  • The employees inspect the vehicle every time before using it.  
  • If found, any equipment or mechanical failures must be reported at once.   
  • Choosing routes and routines so they go ahead in the most efficient way possible.
  • Employees should be effective at conserving resources, including fuel, to help the business. 


  • Must have a valid Driving License
  • Minimum experience of three years
  • No active cases on the candidates

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Advertising the Job in Newspapers  

To get job applications for the job posts, the company needs to create ads and boost the job post on the best hiring platforms. This process will reach a wide range of audiences.  

We can gather engagement using various sources. We can use newspapers for classified ads, and by using these ads, we can reach more candidates as blue-collar workers, like truck drivers, read newspapers often.   

Word-of-mouth Marketing   

Word-of-mouth marketing will help the company to get candidates in a natural way. This will also help to build trust in the company. Word-of-mouth (WOM) marketing happens when consumers talk about a company’s product or service to their friends, family, and to others with whom they have close relationships.   

It is one of the best, if not the best forms of advertising, as a considerable number of consumers trust their friends over the media. There is a high chance that companies will encourage WOM marketing by exceeding expectations on a product, supplying good customer service, and giving exclusive information to consumers.  

To increase this, the company must post the information about the job position on WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook stories. This will create awareness about the job with your contact.   

At the same time, the company should also create social media posts and publish them. Creating LinkedIn posts and asking the employees to like and share them will increase its reach. This form of marketing will create a positive reach and will increase engagement for the job post.   

Social Media Posts & Ads   

Having over 4.5 billion active users on social media and the numbers themselves speak a lot about the network these social media have. It undoubtedly comes in the first place to meet our requirements.   

There are many social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Twitter which can be reliable sources. One can also use job platforms & networking apps like LinkedIn.  

Companies should have a dedicated social media handle and be active over there. They can use these platforms to post jobs and make users aware of them.   

Social media will help to reach people faster and quicker than other platforms. Today, many blue-collar workers, like truck drivers, delivery executives, cooks, housekeepers, sales executives, etc., are using these platforms to their full potential. It will be a key weapon for reaching people and will have an incredibly significant impact in finding candidates. 

These are the 5 effective ways to find local truck drivers. These will not only help to find truck drivers, but also you can use these ways to find other blue-collar workers. Also, now that you are targeting local truck drivers, specifically by city, our recommendation would be to post a job on an easy-to-use app like EZJobs


Q1. How to find a driver for my semi-truck?   

Ans: The above-mentioned methods will help you in finding them. Alternatively, you can post your requirement on EZJobs.  

Q2. How to know the driver’s skills?  

Ans: Taking the driving test of the driver before hiring them and verifying their license.  

Q3. How to find truck drivers with their own trucks?  

Ans: To find drivers with their own trucks, the company should mention it in the job post like, “Looking for truck drivers with own truck.”