Everything you need to know about Marketing Careers in Mumbai

Marketing jobs in Mumbai

In the words of Brian Halligan, “It’s not what you sell that matters as much as how you sell it!” Think for a moment if we would like marketers to start selling their products in an intrusive manner. Wouldn’t we want to avoid it? 

In the olden days, marketers were more overt and intrusive and believed in door-to-door marketing, often referred to as ‘salesperson’. With the evolution of time, marketers have become more suave and subtle and carry multiple job roles. Marketing jobs in Mumbai and around the world involve explaining different products offered in the market by all businesses on various platforms to the general public. How we present ourselves is the key to a successful marketing strategy. 

It is true that consumers do not like to be sold. As Tom Fishburne said, “The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. When Airbnb says, “Belong Anywhere”, the brand sends out a feeling of care and belongingness. When marketers show their brands as personalities, they will be able to sell themselves without mentioning that they are selling. That is what marketing is all about.  

The world of marketing covers advertising, public relations, branding, promotions, and sales through social platforms or offline modes. Businesses can offer the finest products or services in the industry, but it would be unknown to the consumers if they had not been marketed properly. It is the sales and marketing jobs that make the difference and are considered to be the most important process in the journey of any business. 

5 reasons why marketing is the most demanding career in 2022 

  1. Constant learning and growth 

A marketing career can involve a variety of job descriptions, focus areas, and skills. Yes, marketing is a great career in Mumbai in 2022 for varied reasons. With the increase of social media usage, the demand of digital marketers has seen a significant rise. There is scope for constant learning and exploration. Marketers are free to innovate, create and develop new ideas and strategies.  

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  1. A social and extrovert job role 

Marketers are expected to socialize and communicate efficiently. Marketers’ jobs in Mumbai are that of extroverts and requires making formal relationships with clients and businesses.  

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  1. No location constraints: 

Marketing skills cross borders and if you’re good, you can work from anywhere in the world. The pandemic has made it very evident that marketing jobs are the most flexible jobs and have no location constraints. Marketers around the world are working in remote locations and are able to help businesses grow digitally. With the advent of internet, businesses can communicate and get work done from any corner of the world.  

  1. Well compensated: 

Marketing jobs in Bombay and around the world are well compensated. Digital marketing career in marketing holds a huge amount of money as businesses these days are working smartly by investing in digital marketing which indicates good money-making opportunities for digital marketers in Mumbai. 

  1. Creative Field: 

Marketing as a job involves a lot of creativity. Marketing career holds opportunities in every industry because of the large audience it connects to. Their regular approach and strategies are very creative due to their connections to so many industries. 

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How to get a job in marketing: Top 3 tips to get hired 

We suggest you not think twice if you are unsure whether the present era requires marketing jobs in Bombay. While the requirement for marketing jobs in Mumbai for experienced individuals has always been there, the need for marketing jobs in Mumbai for freshers has also grown since the pandemic hit humanity. 

Here are a few tips on how to get hired as marketers in Mumbai City: 

  1. Create a portfolio: 

An easy way to stand out from other candidates is by having your very own online resume. Did you know EZResume makes it so easy for you to make resumes and upload them for thousands and thousands of employers to look out for you? It’s a great platform and way for you to showcase your skills and experience. And if you fill in your profile thoroughly, it lets employers reach out to you individually. Isn’t it a great platform? 

  1. Build an impressive personal brand: 

Building a personal brand means having all your personal online assets updated and must portray a consistent image and character of you. Personal branding usually means a widely-recognized and largely-uniform perception or impression of an individual based on their experience, expertise, competencies, actions and/or achievements within a community, industry, or the marketplace at large.” – Personalbrand.com. 

It is very useful for employers to check your background and creativity and make quick decisions.  

  1. Master the art of Interviews: 

All things being equal, recruiters will hire the most potential candidate with a culture fit. How do they assess this? Through the job interview. 

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Which marketing job has the highest salary in Mumbai? 

Salaries of various experience levels in marketing jobs in Mumbai are as follows: 

Marketing- Experience Levels Salaries Per Year 
<1 year Rs. 3 – 5L 
1-4 years Rs 5 – 7L 
5-9 years Rs 7 – 12L 
10-19 years Rs 12 – 25L 


People struggle to get jobs and then settle down for less is disheartening. As per QES (April-June 2021), there is a surge in job opportunities in India. The estimated total employment in the nine selected sectors in the round of QES July-September, 2021 came out as 3.10 crore approximately, which is 2 lakhs higher than the estimated employment (3.08 crore) from the first round of QES (April-June, 2021). 

Platforms like EZJobs helps employers find the best and suitable candidates for their job needs. It also makes it simple for job seekers to create their profiles and come into the job market and compare job opportunities. 

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