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What Are the Best Online (Work-From-Home) Jobs and How to Apply?

Online Work-From-Home Jobs

Working from home is an increasingly popular way to live and earn income, which can be advantageous for personal and professional goals. Whether you prefer a traditional 9-to-5 position or prefer working at your convenience, there are many ways to work from home.  

Working from home will improve your work-life balance and help you earn additional income. Working from home is an equally important part of the modern workforce and, as such, is a growing trend. It is essential to consider your lifestyle when implementing new methods of working from home that is best suited for you.   

Not all jobs can be done from home; some careers are better suited to remote work opportunities than others. We have compiled a list of the best work-from-home jobs to ease your search time. Some jobs are entry-level for people just starting their careers, while others may require more experience. Please scroll down to learn more about work-from-home culture and how to apply it.   

Importance and benefits of work-from-home   

Both employers and job seekers have started to prefer work-from-home jobs in India. Employers are saving many costs on office space and other expenses you incur while working from a location. Meanwhile, job seekers are saving on travel expenses and putting the time available to better use. So, wfh jobs are cost-saving and efficient.  

Explore the best work-from-home jobs  

The global pandemic (COVID-19) has changed the lives of many employees. Some are forced to work from home jobs while others have lost their jobs and have led horrible life. For the first time in India, even experienced employees and freshers have started searching for work-from-home job opportunities.   

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Online tutoring  

Online teaching is one of India’s easiest and most standard job work-from-home vacancies. The pandemic has moved everything online, from groceries to education to jobs. In many virtual education industries like Upgrade, Un academy, and Byju’s the demand for online tutors has been increasing exponentially. The average salary of an online tutor is around ₹ 0.7 L to ₹ 6.0 L per annum.  

Tip: Check relevant openings on social media platforms and find reliable streams to start applying. Work smartly to increase your demand.   

Content writer  

Content writing or editing is a full-time or part-time work-from-home job that can make a promising career for people looking for wfh jobs part-time. There are plenty of options in the field of content, right from website writing to blogs and social media content. The average pay scale is about ₹ 3 L per year.  

Tip: Enhancing your writing skills constantly. Pick projects that pay well. Keep pitching your writings to publish them on the biggest social media platforms, such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram, to gain views all around the country.  

Data Entry  

Data entry is another online work-from-home opportunity where you must check the sources and enter them into a database. This profile requires attention to detail and basic knowledge of databases and online tools. Data entry work-from-home jobs need a computer and an internet connection to access all the necessary information. The average pay scale is between ₹ 0.2 Lakhs to ₹ 3.0 L per annum.  

Tip: Find freelancing portals to find suitable projects to maximize your earnings, speed, and accuracy.  


Do you know? Being able to speak different languages along with your native language can now benefit you. You can choose a translator job if you are fluent enough in Tamil, Hindi, Spanish, English, German, and Telugu. Utilize your skills on a few freelancing websites like Fiverr and Upwork today.  

The hazel-free registration process and these genuine work-from-home jobs can help you pay your expenses. The pay scale of a translator ranges between ₹ 0.6 L to ₹ 8.2 L per year.  

Tip: Pickup businesses that need your translation services and help you pitch some fantastic deals.   


In recent days, every family around the globe is making their YouTube presence with their channels in the form of blogs to vlogs creating lots of content online.   

YouTube is one of the readily available tools to generate content and become viral in no time. You can earn money and fame equally with many followers and subscriptions. YouTuber not only gains money, but you also get to meet like-minded professionals with whom you could witness phenomenal growth in your career.  

Your primary source of income is advertisement between the videos and product or service endorsements. The income depends upon ₹200 to ₹500 once you have reached 10,000 subscribers, and with more subscribers, you will also receive silver and gold YouTube play buttons.   

Tip: A strong portfolio of blogs and working with brands you connect to increase your career exponentially.   


Blogging is one of the best ways to earn a ransom by spending less time online. It is an online work-from-home job opportunity. You can start your own blog with the help of a website maker or a free one at Wix.com. It requires little investment to start. It is a cheap and effective way to create a media presence.  

People considered it one of the best work-from-home jobs. You can write about education, technology, trends, fitness-related, beauty, mental health, and lifestyle. Affiliate marketing with Amazon associates and guest blogging for a third-party website will also help you earn better money and fame. The average salary of a blogger depends upon page views. On average, salary ranges from ₹ 1.0 L to ₹ 6.2 LPA.  

Tip: Decide your short-term and long-term blogging goal to earn maximum. Decide whether you want to drive sales or increase traffic on your blog.   

Virtual assistant  

A virtual assistant is the easiest work-from-home job for freshers that can be taken up by an individual having any degree with effective communication skills. This role requires tracking business data, performing administrative tasks, and keeping the data organized. It is freelancing work and can be done remotely. The overall pay scale of a virtual assistant ranges between ₹ 1.5 to ₹ 5.9 L per year.   

How to apply and ways to approach for an online work-from-home job?  

The following are the steps to follow for a work-from-home online job application.  

Step 1: Register on different online job portals, search work from home jobs on and approach the right resources to find the perfect one that suits your work-from-home needs.  

Step 2: Build your network on social media platforms to get noticed by job seekers at all levels. The more social media presence, the better people, will notice you. Many websites are entirely based on work-from-home jobs or freelance projects.  

So, what are you waiting for? Find out the opportunities and skills you require to have a successful career.  


In today’s workforce, more and more people are embracing remote and flexible jobs that allow them to choose their hours and work from home. Apply today to get started on a more fulfilling career path. Ultimately, it is up to you to determine which online job will be the best for your career. Take a look at our best online jobs list for work-from-home positions.  


Q. How can I get a job online working from home?   

Trust the EZJobs portal to search for 161+ work-from-home opportunities.  

Q. What are the highest-paying work-at-home jobs?  

 The following is the list of opportunities that are high paying.  

  1. Graphic designer  
  1. Virtual Assistant  
  1. Translator  
  1. Interpreter  
  1. Video Editor  
  1. Content writer  

Q. What do I need to have to work from home?   

 A. To work from home, you will need a computer and an uninterrupted internet connection.  

Why Trust EZJobs   

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