10 Best Tips And Strategies For Finding A New Job At Any Career Level

The world is changing fast, and the nature of work has dramatically shifted. As a result, finding a new job can be easier than before. Whether you’re a self-employed freelancer or work in a corporate environment, there comes a time when a career change is the only logical way forward. Maybe you’ve lost interest in what you’re doing. Maybe you feel like you’ve hit a wall and cannot progress. Maybe you’re happy with the people you work with and the money you earn, but a slight itch at the back of your mind tells you that you can do better. Whatever the case, a career change can benefit you as a person and professional. It can help you meet new people, expand your network, earn more money, and gain new skills and expertise.  

Look no further if you’ve ever wondered how to search for jobs  or make a career change. The strategies and tips below will provide helpful insights and ways to make the transition easier.

Why is it important to have job-hunting strategies?

Have you ever wondered why job-hunting strategies are so important? It will help in a fast job search. If you’re like other people, the answer is probably no. But think about it: without strategies, you might apply for jobs on the best job search websites. You’d be wasting your time and energy and not getting anywhere near what you want from this process.   Job-hunting strategies help you do more with less to get the right job. In short: having a strategy means planning to bring about your new job efficiently and effectively using resources (Job portals). Strategy is a step that many job seekers skip instead of jumping right into submitting applications.  

Strategies for better job hunting

Applying for jobs takes a lot of time and effort, so it is crucial to have the best job search strategies. Here are some of them. Take a look!

1. Be clear 

Before you start a job search, know yourself. The better you know, the more likely you’ll find a job that provides you with greater satisfaction. Choose a profession that matches your strengths, weakness, and the type of work you enjoy. What do you want in a job? What’s most important to you: title, money, culture, location, promotion, work, or company? 

2. Research target companies 

Once you are clear with your preferences, it’s time to find out and apply to the companies you have sorted. It is an excellent tip for finding a new job. It will help you understand the company culture and the questions they commonly ask in interviews.

3. Tailor resume 

Your resume is the most critical tool in the job search. One of my best tips for job search is to have a well-curated resume that includes quantifiable achievements relevant to the job you are applying for.  

If applying for jobs on AI-enabled job portals, use keywords mentioned in the job description to word match or phrase match. Curate your resume for each job description individually – the recruiter looks at your resume to check your skills.

Note:You can tailor or build a new one from scratch with the help of EZResume, which offers multiple templates.

4.Create an online presence 

Build your brand to showcase your expertise and passion. Online platforms are where employers search to find out about you. Most recruiters use LinkedIn as a primary search tool. Hence it is advantageous to brush up on your LinkedIn presence. It’s an excellent resource for finding companies and job positioning for yourself.  

5. Be organized 

Follow a timetable to keep you engaged. Start applying for jobs with the right strategy. Keep track of the jobs you applied for and also location etc.  

6. Build a network of contacts  

Create a strong network of connections on social media and with other co-employees to help you uncover the job leads. It is an essential step for a successful job search.   

Reaching out to people on LinkedIn to ask for a referral. Hiring managers would prefer to interview recommended people before sorting through resumes via job search websites.  

7. Be focused 

Finding a new job takes a lot of time and effort. In a long job search, getting discouraged and distracted is easy. Be focused, achieve your daily targets, and stay motivated to build a foundation for a successful career. 

8. Be empathetic to yourself 

The job search may be stressful. So, it is better to take some time off to exercise, meditate, or watch a movie to help you unwind from stress. Build a network, brainstorm, and vent your frustrations to let out the pain.  

9. Prepare for interviews 

Prepare basic interview questions before you get called for an interview with the help of mock interviews. The more you prepare, the interview will be easy and successful you will become.

10. Write a thank-you note after the interview

A quick note (by email is acceptable) of thanks shows your interest and fit for the job. It is a simple act of courtesy.

11. Following up with hiring managers 

Your work is not just done once the interview is complete or the thank-you note is sent. Regular follow-ups with the hiring manager will show your interest and enthusiasm toward the job.

Tips for better job hunting

Use these tips while job hunting to improve your chances of finding a new job.  

Update your resume   

A solid resume is essential to finding a job because it’s an employer’s first impression of you. Make sure all of your information is current and accurate. Double-check for grammar or formatting errors and have another person look it over.


Tailor your resume and cover letter   

These materials should always be specific to the job you’re applying to. You can save generalized copies of each and then tweak them to fit better the specific responsibilities and qualifications of the job you want. Search for job posting keywords you can add to your resume. It may help you get past any applicant tracking systems.

Be prepared    Throughout your job search, you may be surprised by what can happen. For example, if a company is urgently hiring, they may ask for an interview right away. Likewise, a company may get back to you months later. Being flexible and ready for unexpected new which will help you improve your chances of getting a job.  

Be kind   

When entering a business, be kind to the people you interact. You never know if they will have input on an employer’s hiring decision.  

Send follow-up emails  

After talking to a recruiter or having an initial interview, always send a follow-up thank-you email the next day. Tell them you are interested in applying for the position and enjoyed speaking with them. It shows employers that you are courteous and professional.  

Track the jobs you apply 

You may send dozens of applications when actively looking for a new job. In an Excel sheet, write down which jobs you applied to and when. This way, you won’t accidentally apply for a job twice and can remember when to follow up with an employer. If you don’t hear back from an employer a few weeks past the job application’s deadline, you can email them about their hiring timeline.

Learn job-related keywords   

Since search engines and career websites use keywords to help you find jobs, learn which keywords apply to the job you want. Play around with similar job titles to find a broader range of job postings.

Ask for informational interviews 

Reaching out to companies for informational interviews is a great way to show interest and get to know more about their organization. By making a good impression during this meeting, they may remember you when they have a job opening.  

Be mindful of your online presence 

Some hiring managers look at applicants’ social media to learn more about them. Always be mindful of the type of content you share on social media. Keep it courteous and professional. Set your profiles private if you don’t want an employer to see your postings.


Finally, staying positive is essential whether you’re just starting to search for a job or are in the process. Remember, with many job search sites in India, your job search process isn’t going to be perfect—it might even be frustrating sometimes. Take steps in the right direction; each day will bring you closer to landing the ideal job.  

There’s nothing more frustrating than waiting to hear back on a job you’ve interviewed for. By following the tips outlined above, you’ll be well on your way to finding a job.


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