Hyderabad’s Top Marketing Jobs

Marketing Jobs

The marketing industry is ever-evolving. With new technologies and new trends coming in, new markets and new products demand newer strategies and advertising concepts. The constantly evolving and growing industry opens up newer opportunities within the field for different people with different backgrounds.  

Marketing jobs in Hyderabad come with benefits like no proper formal education or degree to break in. Also, the degree that you hold doesn’t directly relate to the job or work you carry out every day. Finding marketing jobs in Hyderabad for entry-level marketing associates, if you have just started your career, is comparably easy and well-compensated. With applications like EZJobs, finding the best Marketing jobs in Hyderabad is just a cakewalk.  

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Which job is best in Hyderabad?  

The marketing industry is very diverse and includes many job roles. Skills from graphic designing to eloquent communication skills, finding marketing jobs in Hyderabad for experienced and freshers is unchallenging and worth all the efforts. You can choose from many different marketing roles depending on your skills and interests, including digital marketing, channel development, content marketing, and product marketing. 

Some of the highest paying Marketing jobs in Hyderabad are: 

  1. Management Consulting: Management Consulting is one of the highly paid marketing jobs in Hyderabad after the global pandemic. Companies seek the advice of the advisories of management consultancy in order to optimize their marketing strategies and attain maximum and faster success in this dynamic world. 

If you are good at understanding and managing teams, start by creating a resume on EZResume and get the jobs rolling. 

  1. Digital Marketing: In Hyderabad, digital marketing is the second most sought-after job. The digitalization of business and the continuous upgrading of technology have made digital marketing a requirement for all businesses and job roles. As the world becomes increasingly digital, it is important to strategize marketing plans that take into account digital presence. 

Digital Marketing requires basic knowledge and good experience. If you are looking for a marketing job as an experienced or a fresher in Hyderabad, download the EZJobs app and apply and look out for the many employers looking out for you.  

  1. Content Writer or Strategist: Another very important vertical of marketing is content writing and curating strategies for all ATL (Above the Line) and BTL (Below the Line) Marketing activities. Content and communication are needed at all stages of the entire marketing process.  One of the most reputed pioneers in the field of marketing, Lee Odden once said, “Content isn’t king. It is the Kingdom.” 

Content writers or strategists are expected to develop relevant and profitable marketing content, then market it appropriately with some technical considerations like SEO or social media marketing. Use EZJobs to find the right job that compliments your talent.  

  1. Social Media Marketing Manager: As we live in the digital age, social media platforms play a major role in our social awareness and networking. In fact, social media marketing manager is one of the highest paying jobs in marketing in India. A little over 2.4 billion people use Facebook, while 1.5 billion use WhatsApp. Marketers cannot ignore the reach and scale of these social media platforms. Wisdom lies in optimizing social media platforms to showcase your campaigns. 
  1. Product Marketing Manager: Probably the closest role to the traditional domain of marketing is this one. The majority of product-based companies will maintain a steady army of product marketers who are expected to analyse the business landscape and market trends and develop the most effective strategies for product marketing. While many marketing professionals begin with product marketing as freshers, about 40% of the jobs in this job role are reserved for those with 5 to 9 years of experience. 

Are marketing jobs in high demand? 

According to LinkedIn, these are the industries that are often looking out for marketing jobs or marketers in India. With COVID coming in, the demand is continuously increasing, and marketing jobs are pivoting towards remote work conditions. Marketers in Hyderabad can give marketing suggestions and carry out marketing activities for any business from anywhere in the world.  

Industry Demand  
Arts Industry 85.9% 
Retail Industry  72.6% 
Education 63.7% 
Corporate Services 60.6% 
Software and IT Services 22.7% 
Media and Communication 20.5% 
Transportation & Logistics -5.6% 

Out of Home Advertising: 

A life that existed before the digitalisation of the world is still relevant and required. Out of Home Advertising refers to everything from billboards to bus-shelters, from autorickshaws to benches.  

There is a considerable size of human resource required to carry out day- to- day out of home marketing for various brands and companies. Human resource that has a knowledge about the busy locations, have good contacts and considerable database are the best marketers for the business.  

If you are looking out for marketing jobs in Hyderabad and can do well with outdoor marketing, upload or create your resume and start looking for the best jobs on EZJobs.  


You should consider pursuing a degree in marketing if you are interested in a specific field of marketing, whether it be graphic design, psychology, sociology, or simply a degree in marketing. Additionally, the field of marketing has many entry points, from social media marketing to digital advertising, and some of these entry points will provide the necessary skills and experience needed to advance within the marketing profession. You should consider marketing if you are creative, have good communication skills, and enjoy thinking big. Start building your resume on EZResume and start applying for the right job.  

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