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10 Best Grey and Blue-Collar Careers Will Be in Demand In 2023

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We have crossed the era of a job-based economy and entered a skilled economy. So, I’m writing about skills for the future. It’s because we live in an exciting time where the industry is in chaos and jobs are lost everywhere. It’s not okay to want to stick around and make money on your work when our society is at stake. So, to avoid being replaced by robots or AI, you need to develop skills now while they are still hot and trendy.  

Many skills are getting automated out of jobs, but there are also plenty of opportunities for growth in other areas. Scroll down to check out which career has the best future and skills to cultivate to cut down the competition in 2023. 

Here are the 10 occupations that are growing the fastest through 2023. 

  • Telecallers 
  • Front Office 
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Teachers 
  • Electricians 
  • Chefs 
  • Construction Workers 
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Delivery Executives 
  • Helpers 


International organizations outsource communications and customer service roles. Hence the demand for Telecallers, customer support executives, and answering chatbots for companies is increasing rapidly. Every industry continues to climb to reach heights. Professional and courteous individuals are highly favored, so effective communication is the key to Successful business. 

Front Office 

With millions of residents in India, no wonder there is a need for front officers, clerks and government employees working at the administrative level to keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. One of the most prestigious positions you can get as an Indian national is with the IAS –– the Indian Administrative Service, the administrative arm of the All India of Services Government. But, of course, there are other roles within the private sector to be filled, too. 

Marketing Specialist 

Promoting businesses, reaching potential customers, and converting them into paying customers for profitability is the primary goal of a for-profit company. The process through which companies achieve this has changed significantly over the years. It’s still evolving, and digital marketing is at the center of this change. A digital marketer capitalizes on the reach of social media and other digital media channels to achieve a company’s business goals. 


There are fears that a teacher’s role might become obsolete due to the rapid growth of technology. But, the presence of an emotionally intelligent person in a classroom is significant. Hence there is a good scope for teachers to emotionally bond with students and help them grow their careers. 


Tradesmen and women design, install, maintain, and troubleshoot electrical wiring systems. The average wage for an Electrician is an enviable $103 838! 


A chef is a professional cook who cares for food preparation and manages all aspects of a kitchen, including the other cooks. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer any cooking courses. But maybe in the future! 

Construction Workers 

A construction manager ensures that projects are completed on time and under budget. According to the pay scale, the average median wage is $111 709.   

Healthcare Professionals 

A healthcare professional who provides direct patient care assesses a patient’s health needs and provides critical emotional support to patients and their families. RNs work in hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and other healthcare facilities. 

Delivery Executives 

Delivery Hero’s jobs keep increasing and will see a drop once the online food and goods delivery systems are stable. According to business today Indian online food ordering market is set to grow at 16.2%, to touch $17.02 billion by 2023(3


A helper assists their employer in the performance of their duties. Sometimes, a helper will assist an employee as they carry out their tasks. In other cases, the helper will do nothing more than provide convenience or help keep things organized. 

Skills to Cultivate to Cut Down the Competition In 2023  

Skills are called “The X factor” that can make or break your career. Each skill you acquire doubles your chances of success. Therefore, skills are what you bring to the table in the face of new technology.   

Humans are unique and have different tools and skills for every situation. It can be seen in our approach to different tasks and making decisions. These unique Approaches and tools don’t necessarily mean that we need to be born with them but can be acquired over time.   

Here’s a list of the top 10 skills that can be acquired either by practice or experience  

  • Coding  
  • Digital technology
  • Communication skills  
  • Teamwork  
  • Cognitive flexibility   
  • Cultural skills and global thinking  
  • Forever learning
  • Decision-making skills  
  • Adaptability skills  
  • Emotional intelligence 

Coding: Workplaces are now dependent on computers; hence, employees require coding and programming skills to sustain themselves in the IT industry. Coding skills are required to assign a computer a task based on your guidelines. Therefore, those with coding skills can have a greater potential to find more jobs and earn more money.  

Digital Technology: The organization provides on-job training for specific software. But, in return, they expect you to have basic computer skills and learn new technology tools quickly.  

Communication Skills: Employers expect good communication and listening, writing, and speaking skills. Good communication skills help you articulate your emotions, ideas, and thoughts effectively and clearly. It helps in building solid relationships and resolving conflict.  

Teamwork: As an employee of an organization, you are bound to be respectful to others, either your clients or coworkers. Employers always look for candidates who can work effectively in a team and brings out the best in others. 

Cognitive Flexibility: Every organization encounters challenges and looks for efficient employees who can easily handle them. This ability in you will help you analyze the issue, make decisions, and make cognitive decisions to overcome problems. 

Cultural Skills: Employers check your personal accountability for work habits and actions. Show your work productivity, communication, and action. Correct your mistakes and learn from your mistakes to show your ethical behavior. 

Forever Learning: Professional career is a lifelong learning experience and an opportunity to expand your roots. You may visit places, meet new people and learn new skills. Inculcating the habit of forever learning will open gates to new experiences in the workplace and life. 

Decision-Making Skills: It is necessary to make decisions at every stage of work and life. This decision-making ability might impact individuals, groups, organizations, or businesses in many ways. However, this skill is essential for all professions.   

Adaptability Skills: Employees need to adapt to shift plans quickly and new concepts to succeed. This skill shows their ability to be flexible and adapt to situations when required.   

Emotional Intelligence: Understanding your emotions and recognizing how they might affect people around us is an essential skill to learn. It is true in life and at work too. A 2019 report, for example, found that ’emotional intelligence is a relevant addition to guide the achievement of career success (4). 

Here’s the Hard Truth: I can’t share a list of ten skills that have yet to be mentioned in this blog. But why should I? In fact, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while now, you should know that each of us has different things to come up. There is no such thing as one skill doesn’t fit all.  

Will IT Jobs Increase In 2023? 

The demand for digital skills will grow by 8.4 percent by March 2023, Team Lease Digital said in its Digital Employment Outlook Report for the first half of 2023 (1). 

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The IT sector and its recent hiring patterns have again made it into the limelight. Recent reports have suggested that the IT sector will likely reduce its hiring by 20 percent by next year. This slash in hiring is expected to majorly impact Campus placements in 2023 and 2024(2). 

SkillsAssumptionsGrowth Indicator
E-Commerce  Tech and product development in e-commerce talent pool in India. These numbers are FTE numbers in e-commerce players and do not include vendor numbers  5-10%  
Data Engineering  The talent pool works on Data Modeling, ETL, Database Engineering, Analytics, Data Warehouse, Data Lakes, Visualization, etc.  4-6%  
Data Analytics It includes data cleaning and analyzing to draw insights using BI & advanced analytics tools. Data science – Python, R programming, ML, Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Kafka, SAS  6-10%  
Data Visualization  Tableau, PoweBI, QlikView  4-6%  
RPA  Automation Anywhere, UiPath, Blue Prism  6-8%  
 Full Stack Development  Front end + Backend DB + API/SOA + Cloud + Microservices & DevOps   
Data Science  Includes Statistical Modeling, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Unstructured Data Analytics, and Natural Language Processing  4-6%  
Cyber Security  Forensics, SIEM, vulnerability assessment, Threat Intelligence, InfoSec, Endpoint, Network Security, Encryption Tools, Web Vulnerability, Network Defence Wireless, Packet Sniffer, Antivirus Software, Firewall, PKI Services, Managed Detection Services, Penetration Testing  4-6%  
Cloud & DevOps  It includes Cloud implementation (40%) & support pool (60%) – AWS, Aure, GCP, Docker, puppet, checf, Jenkins, Splunk  6-8%  
Mobility (Mobile App Development)  iOS, Android, and Mobile Application Development, Testing & Support pool  6-8%  
Artificial Intelligence  All Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and Cognitive areas considered  5-7%  
Machine Learning  ML tools include TensorFlow, Scikit, Py torch, Knime, etc  6-8%  
UI/UX  Angular, React, User research/experience, Wireframing, Prototyping, Adobe XD, Figma  5-7%  
IoT  Device hardware, device software, communications, cloud platforms, cloud applications  4-6%  
MarTech Advertising & Promotion, Content & Experience, Social & Relationships, Commerce & Sales, Data, Management  5-7%  


The global landscape is ever-changing, and India is no different. With the changing job market, it can take time to navigate which jobs are popular and which skills will remain a part of the workforce. While the list above provides a snapshot of where we’re heading, it only comes into effect in less than two years – so who knows what will happen? To take full advantage of your career, shine in whatever you do. 


Q. What jobs in 2030 will become least demanding? 

The following jobs will be replaced by automation technology 

  • Clerks
  • Payrolls
  • Factory workers
  • Postman

Q. What jobs can be fatal 

  • Fishers 
  • Construction field workers 

Q. What are the most unstable jobs? 

The most unstable jobs are as follows 

  • Clerks 
  • Store managers 
  • Actors 
  • Gardeners  

Q. What are the fast-growing jobs? 

  • Nurses 
  • Healthcare professionals 
  • Digital marketers 
  • Technicians 
  • Telecallers 

Q. What is a rare skill? 

A. The ability to make magic is considered a unique or extremely rare skill.

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