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7 Things To Never Do With Tricky Interview Questions

Facing an interview can be tough as it is. At that, things become doubly difficult if an interviewer is armed with a quiver of sharp and tricky interview questions. Most candidates tend to get worked up and babble nonsensical answers. That makes the interviewer succeed instantly and puts you right on the backfoot. More often than not, some candidates will decode the trick in the question and in the process, crack that interview. You want to make sure that is you and not the guy sitting next to in the waiting hall.  

Today, we’ll give you seven golden precautions to follow with tricky questions in interviews. Learn these and you’ll never break a sweat with those pesky tricks anymore. 

1. Don’t just guess an answer out of thin air 

Understand the intent of the interviewer when they are asking that tricky question. What are they looking for? Take your time, think, and put your thoughts together. Don’t just twaddle around for the sake of answering. 

Ask the interviewer for time. Sometimes, such questions are asked to see how you handle tricky situations. You can request a paper or a pen or can ask the interview if you can have water. All these will give you extra time to realign the flow of your answers.  

2. Don’t read the question verbatim  

Find out the simpler question within the complex construct. Interviewers don’t expect you to spurt out answers immediately. But they want to get a better understanding of how you think through these situations. 

Listen to questions carefully, and you might find something related to your strengths. Be confident and let the interviewer know you can be creative in the middle of a difficult situation. 

3. Don’t fret 

Wear a smile, always. It is natural to feel nervous before an interview. And difficult questions tend to make you even more anxious. You should be able to manage such situations. 

Confidence is the key. Even when you have no idea how to face a question, do not let the interviewer find out that you are scared. Try to redirect to a topic you are comfortable with. 

4. Don’t jump off your comfort zone  

Connect the question to your nearest relatable life experience. Denial to face a question or saying “you don’t know” is no way to tackle an interview question. You can redirect the interview topic towards your skills which are related to the questions asked. 

For example, if you are asked about your experience in a certain field, you are not familiar with, redirect. Veer the direction of your conversation to your strong suits creatively and then start talking about it.  

5. Don’t dive headfirst or be too blunt  

Break the flow down into fragments. You might come across some questions that you may not see through. Answering the question impulsively without analyzing its coherence is hardly advisable.  

Acknowledge the smarts of the question with a simple phrase like, “This is a great question, let me think about it..”. This conveys to the interviewer that you can handle the situation precisely. 

6. Don’t shy away from asking for clarification 

Ask the interviewer to further categorize by giving them variegated instances. Sometimes, the scope of a question can be really, vast. Take the liberty to talk about a few different instances. Ask the interviewer whether the question is about the Instance A or Instance B. 

This way, you can even out the difficulty of the question across the number of instances you cite. In addition, it instantly tells the interviewer that you’re in for the big game.  

7. Don’t be ultra-specific with the answer  

Cover as much ground as possible. Some questions require objective answering. If you do not know the answer, you do not know the answer. No amount of thinking or recalling works. 

For such interview questions, stick to the research done about the company or the position. Focus on the knowledge and enthusiasm you have for the industry. Interviewers can understand your lack of knowledge about a topic. But it’s difficult for anyone to appreciate a flat-out incorrect answer.  

That was our roundup of the seven things you never do with an interview question that’s tricky and a bit beyond you. Remember, there is no one correct answer. Your confidence in answering the question will set you apart from the rest. For more interview tricks, follow the EZJobs blog

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