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How to ace a Delivery Executive Interview: 10 Ways

Delivery Executive

A delivery executive job includes delivering packages, documents, and other items to the customers. Delivery executives are given daily targets to reach. Not only do they earn good amount of money based on their experience but also earn bonus points if they reach beyond their targets in most of the companies.  

Accepting deliveries and having track of payment for delivered packages is a part of their job. Apart from that, the delivery boys also need to answer the customers’ queries with utmost patience. They need to investigate in case of any discrepancies with the delivered packages. Acquiring signatures on the delivery papers upon each completion might be inclusive of their job. Customer service, patience, and communication skills will add to being a successful delivery executive.   

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Frequently asked Interview Questions and Answers:  

Q1. How many hours in a day can you work?  

The intention is to understand the number of deliveries you can do in a day and endurance.  

Example Answer: I can work for 10 hours.  

Q2. What do you have to see before you start your work?  

The intention is to make sure that the delivery of an item shall not be delayed and to understand if the candidate understands the things important for the job.  

Example Answer: I should ensure my bike is in good condition with sufficient fuel. I should wear my uniform and my face mask. I should check my license, wallet, and ID card. Mobile should be fully charged. 

Q3. What are the apps you use for your everyday customer address tracing?  

The intention is to understand the technical skills of the candidate and the ability to understand addresses.  

Example Answer: Google Maps 

Q4. How good are you as a delivery executive?  

The intention is to understand the candidate’s confidence level.  

Example Answer: I am a particularly good driver. I can understand the customer’s urgency. I have the patience to deal with customers.  

Q5. What languages do you know?  
The intention is to know if the candidate can converse in any language that the localities speak in.  
Example Answer: I can speak English, Telugu and Hindi well and can understand Tamil also.  

Q6. What kind of deliveries have you handled earlier?  

The intention is to have first-hand information on his capabilities and draw conclusions on what can be given to him in his current role.  

Example Answer: I used to deliver food to various locations.  

Q7. Do you know several types of packaging?  

The intention is to assess the knowledge of goods and the safety and handling of the goods.  
Example Answer: Corrugated boxes, plastic bags, polybags, foil sealed bags, and rigid boxes.  

Q8. How do you estimate the ETA?  

The intention is to know his assessment of ETA concerning distance and unforeseen obstructions.  

Example Answer: I use google maps for ETA. I am familiar with the routes in Hyderabad. I know which routes to avoid reaching on time.  

Q9. What will you do when you suspect the delivery is getting late?  
The intention is to understand if the candidate is good with communication skills.  
Example Answer: If I sense that there will be an inevitable delay, I will call the customer and my service delivery manager to explain the situation.  

Q10. If the customer is not at home, what will you do?  

The interviewer wants to know the procedure he should follow for that delivery when the customer is not home.  
Example Answer: The first thing I will do is reach out to the customer to see whether I can deliver to the neighbour. Otherwise, I will come back another day or leave the package at the doorstep as per company policy.  

Q11. Were you allowed to take tips from the customers in your previous organization?  

The intention is to assess the integrity of the candidate.  
Example Answer: We were never allowed to take tips in my previous organization. It was against the company rules. So, I never accepted tips.  

Q12. How do you behave when a police officer stops you for any reason?  
Example Answer: I am a good driver and I always follow the rules. I would be carrying my documents so would present them if required. If getting delayed, I would politely let them know the urgency and wait for their decision. At the same time inform the customer and my manager about the delay.  

Q13. How will you convince the customer in case of any delay in deliveries?  

The intention is to understand the persuasion skills of the candidate.  
Example Answer: First, I would apologize and tell him the reason for the delay. If the customer is angry, I will be patient. In my previous company, we had a rule that we can offer them some coupons for the next purchase if there is a delay. I could the same if the company has similar policies.  

Q14. Were you terminated from your previous job, or have you resigned?  

The intention is to assess the honesty and dependability of the candidate.  
Example Answer: I had to leave my previous job due to mass layoff.  

Q15. Why did you apply to our company?  
Example Answer: My friends said that your company takes diligent care of employees. Therefore, I applied.  

Q16. What do you do if you are not selected for this job?  

The intention is to understand how he takes failures.  
Example Answer: I will take this failure as a lesson to learn about myself. I will prepare myself well and reappear later. 

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