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10 Signs About Fake Job Interviews That Will Make Your Hair Stand On Its End

Believe it or not, the working world is filled with fake job interviews. They often target people who are disenfranchised, or who are really in need of work. Most of the time you can find that the job is fake just by the ad they post. But some of these interviewers are smart. They put up a good job ad and scam you. Some of them post these ads and do not follow up, while others actually call you for the interview. Have you come across any fake job interview yet? 

These ads are difficult to spot. So the fraudsters end up victimizing a lot of people. They are unethical and wrong as can be. 

Here are some signs to notice if you are interviewing for a fake job opportunity. 

They interview you with a bunch of others 

The main purpose of holding a group interview is not allowing you to speak much. Moreover, very few good companies organize group interviews. So it can be one of the most obvious reasons you are facing a fake job interview. 

Another way you can spot a fake interview is they call in a bunch of candidates and unqualified people. They have nothing to do with what you know or who you are. Off the blue, they’ll call just about anyone with an active mobile connection.  

They make you feel like you need to compete harder 

Fake interviewers do this to point out how many applicants they wish to hire. They basically fake about the job opportunity and brag about the number of candidates dying to be a part of the organization. 

They show that even if you refuse to work with them, there are people who will take the job. It is basically about building and then capitalizing upon urgency so you feel you need the job. 

They ask you to pay to work 

This is a clear sign that you in the middle of a fake job interview. Nobody has a right to ask you for money that you don’t want to give. You should never pay an employer either for training or for a job. 

Fake interviewers target mostly freshers or interns. People who are desperate for jobs are also victimized in such scams. You should be really careful when someone asks you for money after the interview. 

They tell you to work for free for “exposure” 

Believe us, no company deserves your work for free. You should never feel like you need to work for free to get “exposure”. There are not many moments working free for is worthwhile. 

There are only three industries where working for free actually are the norm: modeling, arts and free internships which culminate in college credits. 

Interviewer behaves in an inappropriate way 

This is the most terrifying sign you might come across. People conducting a fake interview can be criminals. The first cue to a fake job opportunity could be the interviewer himself. 

Be careful in such cases. If the interviewer is being too casual or making physically suggestive remarks, it’s very likely a fake interview. It is important to observe the interviewer’s body language carefully. If he is being downright insane, get out and leave immediately. It could be as dangerous as battery.  

The job title and the offer do not match 

This is commonly known as ‘bait and switch’. In this case, the job offer is completely different from what you applied for. In many such cases, even the pay is lesser than what is initially communicated.   

They just rope you in with a better offer. Baiting and switching often feels hurtful. And it should. After all, you wasted your time and energy in an interview that was designed to trick you. In such events, thank them for their time and tell them you are not interested. 

They ask about your private information 

No company asks you about your private information in an interview. You are not supposed to give any kind of information such as debit or credit card number, bank account number or similar information in an interview. In general, any information that does not serve the purpose of answering a job-related query can be deemed private. Financial information, family (planning) information or even detailed information on past employments is considered private information.    

It is completely normal if they ask you for some specific piece of information (e.g.: your bank a/c number, your ID proof or permanent address) after they hire you. Nevertheless, if you don’t have an offer letter from them, then you definitely shouldn’t be giving them your financial information. This is a sign you are interviewing for a fake job opportunity. 

Interview didn’t go well, but they hired you 

If they don’t ask you much and still hire you it’s pretty obvious that the interview is for a fake job. The interview lasted for barely five minutes and they didn’t ask appropriate questions, there’s a problem with the company. 

If they are that quick to hire, then they are looking to hire just about anyone they can. Sadly, such companies are not as good as you expected them to be. And honestly, working with them does not help you grow. 

Something strikes you as “off” 

You should be aware of what regular companies would behave like. Is the employer interviewing you in secret away from everyone? Is the interview being dubiously conducted outside the office? Did they reach out to you via a personal email address? Or did they ghost you? 

All these are scam job warning signs. If something seems out of the ordinary or you smell something fishy, think twice before signing up. 

The office environment is sad 

If you find the office environment very gloomy, sad or anxious, that is a sign of a high churn rate. This also indicates that people are not paid a living wage. This is a major sign that you are interviewing for a fake job interview. The reason why people seem so unhappy, if you stick around you will find out why. 

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