Once in a MILLION terabytes

A small piece of tech sets a thousand ripples per square pixel. A breezily responsive interface, innovative yet easy-going features, and a market-ready solution – all of these make EZJOBS worth preserving in our phones and pockets.


But behind all the high-flying tech and design and pop and pixel are humans – a core set of people who blaze the trail, who think innovation when others hit indifference. People who create solutions to problems previously thought of as impossible. People who make small individual contributions to build something truly remarkable and heart-warming. People who do when others don’t. Let’s talk people.

The EZJobs Story

In early July 2019, there was one EZJobs on a testing device. Today, the EZJobs is in over 8M devices across a dozen of Indian cities. A lot has happened in between.

Right from the start, the EZJobs app received phenomenal warmth from both candidates and local employers. We were just a few hours into our launch! There popped-up our first job – a small-time media company in Hyderabad was looking for marketers! Oh wait, someone in Pune wanted sales executives. A Delhi tax firm urgently needed an accountant. And a creative agency in Kolkata wanted a full-time art director! All on the day of our launch!

With the jobs, came job seekers – by the hundreds. What started as a drizzle turned into a steady stream and before we knew it, we were connecting thousands of local employers and candidates every single day. How some stories just write themselves!

EZJobs is making all efforts to bring the same technologies and tools available to small and medium enterprises as well as individual recruiters that have so far been accessible only to the big corporates. At the same time, we are trying to overcome the various barriers that grey-collar and blue-collar job seekers are facing in the new age of recruitment.

Values That Make Work EZ!

Everyone Owns Something

Each process has a distinguished owner.This sense of ownership makes team members not only responsible for the process, but go above and beyond in establishing excellence.

We Learn, We Unlearn

Everyday life at EZJobs is an inspiration to us all. We learn new things to keep our customers happy. We unlearn those traits that could hurt customer satisfaction.

We Strive For Excellence

We stay happy in the pursuit of excellence at workplace.

Each team member’s commitment to excellence is what makes EZJobs the leader in the jobscape in India.

Honesty Above All

Everyone at EZJobs speak their heart honestly and sincerely. Honest conversations within the hierarchy and with our customers makes us who we are!

Meet the Team

Anil Vazirani

Chief Executive Officer

Jyoti Vazirani

Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Krishna Vemuri

Founder, Product Architect, Chairman

Priyadarshan Patil

Chief Technology Officer

Goutam Auknoor

Vice President, Head India Operations

Sahasrajit Mitta

Product Manager